Chunky Cheerleader - Chapter Four (Daz asset, Choice Driven Visual Novel)

Chapter Four Release - Chunky Cheerleader | Choice driven weight gain visual novel | Patreon

The Chapter Four release contains the whole of Part One and Chapter Four itself, which forms the first bit of Part Two. This update features the new Vacation storylines and other scenes for each story arc. A total of 450 new images and countless lines of writing representing months of work. Find it on the Patreon.

Chunky Cheerleader is a choice driven visual novel. Featuring 5 differing story paths to explore and over 250 unique Daz3d images to tell the story. You play as an adult college student who has just joined the Cheerleading team, however you never could say no to food. Will you end up as the Chunky Cheerleader, too fat for the team. Or will you manage to fatten up the other team members and make the whole squad chunky, or bigger…

This is Chapter One released for free as a demo of sorts, the following Chapters will be charged for. This is my first game, been working on it for a few months now. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.


PART ONE - Chunky Cheerleader | Choice driven weight gain visual novel | Patreon


Bruh I’m weak at the san andreas reference :rofl: , game is great so far!

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It certainly is a good start to this even if it feels a bit bare bones at the moment i do hope their is so much more to this game once the next few updates are released.

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I love the different branching stories and how different they are in content, my only real complaint is the spelling, its not that distracting but in my opinion needs some tuning

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really fun game and i like the paths :slight_smile: i made a guide if you want i can post it but idk how good it is lol and like always say to new games i like if you want help with ideas send me a message :slight_smile: lol

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Best first post of all time :slight_smile:


Im a sucker for a numerous ending game, the story, characters and sprinkling of memes is pretty good

Overall, this is a good stuff bro, i eager to see where the continuation of the story might lead

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This is a good start. I like the different choices and aspects on routes. It’s cool to see previous choices affect unrelated scenes on certain routes. I think that is a nice touch and I like that a few certain scenes have a secret little addition depending on other choices. It also makes a nice little surprise to go back and play with some different choices.

The spelling errors were a bit much for me in this and happened often enough that it was distracting.
Choices in game are nice within route as they can influence how scenes play out or what scenes take place, but a lot of the choices don’t seem to matter as much for the end (of chapter?) status overview transitions.

Like the PC can turn down food the entire time and push it on Rachel where available and Rachels end might have only a small dialogue change and doesn’t seem to influence her weight greatly in any way. And from what I can tell the difference between eating food as much as possible and pushing it on Rachel as well is that the end scene changes the description of the PC’s body very slightly.

With Ashleigh’s route there is more variance with both weight and end screen images for the PC and Ashleigh but found it odd that if you turn down becoming Ashleigh’s feedee and took over the feeder roll with her (at least from the narration within game) that you get the same mutual gaining type of dialogue at the end screen that happens when you let Ashleigh feed you once.

See the different paths got me interested in asking a few questions. How many endings do you see the game having? And will there be multiple different endings based on choices per path? (Assuming it’s not too early to have made those decisions). There are clearly choices that push the PC and other girls to either feedee/mutual gaining scenarios, will there the player character have more choices or even a roll to act as a feeder to the other girls? Or will feeder content be more limited to Ashleigh as acting feeder of the PC?

Overall, I like what is here, my personal bias wants to see more PC feeder content towards the other girls but that is just what I prefer and may not fit into the seeming more mutual gaining focused narrative. But I would say this is a good foundation to your game and I look forward to seeing where this goes. Best of luck to you and keep up the good work.


Generally agree with what is said here. The general premise of the story is a really fun one, and the branching stories provides a good amount of content for the same basic storyline. I think the big callouts here that I want to emphasize:

  • The spelling and grammatical errors really are distracting. These really need to be cleaned up to make this worth charging for IMO.
  • With a game with branching storylines like this does, it would be extremely nice to have the dialogue choices that actually affect the story be highlighted somehow.

I would appreciate if someone can make an apk out of the game. Joiplay doesn’t work

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Firstly thanks for playing and writing a detailed and helpful comment.
My next task is to go over all the writing and amend any spelling errors, a proper game dev would have done that before launching the game, alas that’s not me.
Rachel is the only one who doesn’t have any weight related choices in the first chapter, this is deliberate, for reasons that will become clear in Chapter two.
Ashleigh’s path at the moment is for either the PC and Ash to gain mutually, or for the PC to be Ashleigh’s feedee, either way the PC gains weight. I’m wary of adding too many paths, more paths mean yet more images which takes time, so I’ve had to make the choice of limiting the number of different paths (such as a path where you feed Ash and do not gain weight yourself).
There’s more content in Chapter two, current Chapter two build is at just under 700 images at the moment. There will certainly be multiple endings, I’m thinking of having 6 large story paths each of these will have a separate ending. There’s always a possibly of adding more endings, there is no plan for how story ends yet.


I would like to help you, but I’m sorry to say I don’t know what an apk or Joiplay is…

Highlighting the choices that choose between paths is something I thought long and hard about. Then decided I wanted to keep the game unpredictable in terms of choices. Some choices have little effect at all, some have big effects on which scenes you see, the big choices for story line are sometimes obvious and sometimes not. Some choices are taken away from you by the narrator, and some will have no imitate effect but secretly effect scenes in the next chapter. I hope that makes some kind of crazy sense.

They are pretty much just asking for a version that works on Android phones.

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Ok thank you, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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Thanks. Is just that I don’t have access to my pc at the moment

Should be noted that currently it’s only for MacOS.

That’s because I’m just in the process of adding a new download for Windows, with the spelling errors fixed. Should be uploaded in a few minutes.


Yes, it is very nice visual novel.

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Spelling fixed - New version added to with my spelling errors fixed.

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