The little voice in the back of her mind.

Hey there all, I’m Telli and this is my first post (with a game!). I’ve been writing weight gain stories for some time now, but am now taking a tentative first step into games. The following is a short, totally linear Twine story about a girl compelled to stuff herself by a little voice in the back of her mind (that’s you!)

This is my first look into Twine and so it’s a very simple project with just the bare minimum of interaction, but I hope you enjoy the story nonetheless. Now I’ve got my feet wet I’m currently working on a much more complex game with an explorable world, recorded stats and an inventory system.

Please feel free to check it out and leave a comment! I’m looking forward to adding to this community!
the little (119.6 KB)


The helpless glutton is a super fave of mine for scenarios. You did a great job in terms of a first step a day I really enjoyed the read this turned into. I’m really excited to see your expanded work in the future.


thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it

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This was fantastically written, you really have a way with words. You nailed the feeling of gluttony completely taking over Amy’s life. It left me wanting more, so I’m looking forward to your next project.

Also, you mentioned you’ve written weight gain stories before. Could you maybe link some of them to me? I’m sure they’re also great.

does this end at the beach scene i can’t seem to continue after it?

The “IDGAF” state of mind implied in the end kinda makes it seem like she will continue to try and do the fat girl eating thing lol, so I would assume it’s a bit more of an open end, but an end nonetheless.

Yes, I wondered if the ending seemed a bit sudden, but it had been sitting on my harddrive in a state of 90% completion (as do most of my projects, heh) and I decided it was time to post it. If I think of any more fun scenarios I may add to it, but right now I’ve got something bigger in the works.

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Aww hey man, thanks. I’ve got a few stories up on deviantart and a lot more on my computer waiting to be finished. Not all of them are like this though, I’m trying out various different concepts and styles.

Here’s the link though if you fancy a look: