Vale City

Hello, I thought it would be a good idea to give this 2017 game its own topic given its size, complexity + how it’s going to get a 3rd update.

There’s also a wiki in the works + a small discord for feedback etc.


Do I have many codes to access prizes, do I place them or would they be considered spoillers?

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You can post about everything besides the artbook & artwork files password, there’s already a page with all the ATM codes.

Well, in any case I recommend only using them if the game becomes very difficult.


Yeah, the difficulty curve is a little steep but nearly all are meant to be used instantly for beginner quests. Also I wasn’t expecting 2 new codes, thank you very much! I added them to the list.

Thank you for posting this! I loved this game, and seeing it continue is amazing. 2.0 was a surprise, and so is 3.0, but all very pleasant ones.

I wish I can fully enjoy the game but it away slow down on my laptop and away crash… maybe It not work well on it

Just completed the game on normal mode, and I’m about to go into new game+ on hard. But before I do, I just want to ask some questions.


Does day end saves still work on hard mode or is that also disabled? 'Cause I don’t think I’ll be able to beat the game in one go due to time constraints.


Where’s the last piece of fabric for the girls’ perfect bikinis? I searched everywhere and I couldn’t find it, although I still got all of the yarn needed for all 3 sets. Here are the places I found things SPOILER ALERT IF YOU DIDN’T PLAYED THE GAME YET

The chocolate cave cardboard chests that don’t respawn
The angel and dog girls’ quest on the night club that I already forgot the names of
Beating an oponent on the eating contest, and then bellyfighting them and win… again
A secret chest in the town

Yet I’m still missing one piece to complete all 3 sets. Where I didn’t look?


How do I use the endgame code for the artwork?

That’s it. The game is really good and you did an incredible job in it! I eagerly await the next update!

1: saves are day based in hard
2: I could answer that but I dont trust my knowledge as it has been a while since I last played~
3: on the DA page there should be a link the the locked folder

  1. You have to enable to the option to save after resting, at the beginning of each day. It’s the ATMs don’t let you save anymore on hard and insane modes.

  2. The code lets you extract the artwork from the zip file and/or to look at any of them.

I find the game unplayable since it would lag a lot and run really slow for me to enjoy

You need more than 8GB of ram to work well. But you can try closing other programs like crhome, steam, discord and anyone who consumes resources.

I’ll try that; see if its works.

I wonder is their any mods to this game?

Mods like what? It’s doubtful, either way, since it’s an RPG Maker project.

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so any tips on getting XP? like the best food do do it?

well, for me the best way is hamburgers, because of their cost xp relationship, although at the beginning they cause a lot of overeating status, (I recommend using medicines that take away the state) you can also eat out of fights, as long as there is stomach capacity .

I hope the translator made me explain myself well

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wait. I can eat out side battles? huh game didn’t seem to let me

you just have to go to “skills” and select “eat” only works if the stomach has space

ah. ok thanks that should do a lot of help