Witch of Gluttony

Born from the boredom of being stuck inside for months and the need to spread the religion of Goblin Waifu’s comes:

Witch of Gluttony! Take control of Bella Trixzi as you go about trying to regain your lost power by way of the best sin of all: Gluttony.

Currently sitting at about 2 hours of play time, with more in the works as we speak.

(Tested by the people of the StuffingRPG discord)

***New Update! ***

The next update to WoG is here! Road to Myrefall!

Fully loaded with supplies, Bella and Noss finally begin their trek to the town of Myrefall. Hoping to find a new source of cute girls for her sin collecting Bella will find that even just going from town to town is full of many dangers!

This update might not have as much weight related antics as the others, but this is mostly for the introduction of the third party member : The DPSing Lamia, Ika!

There’s also three new boss battles to fight, two secret areas to find and a repeatable stuffing method for our new character.

Hope you enjoy!


I love that little nod to Some BS “How to Deal With a Gluttenous GIrl by - Pro.”


There’s more of those! Hopefully I can do something interesting enough with my own game in the future to get a book in there.

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This is off to a very promising start: characters, plot, overall writing (and related references), all are looking very good so far.

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After playing this for a bit, I can say it’s a very good start! I look forward to more!

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Im a bit stumped

I can’t find the last cat treat, I’ve gotten the two from the inn and the two from the mimics but I just can’t find the last one.

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@Kairii27 check in on the girls in the top right house of that area - the one who was waiting for dinner.


Amazing game!
I can’t wait for the next update :smile:

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This has been a terrible year overall, but all these quality fat games, with this game jam bring in more inevitably, The end of this year is looking up!


Amazing game so far. Although I did find a bug. The tapestry outside the church has no collision. I got onto the roof and was bugged out when i interacted with the door. Had to close the game to fix it.

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This was really impressive! You have a lot of detail and polish here for a in-progress game. It was great to play and even a bit of a laugh. It was nice to see the combat and leveling get a little creative and avoid the standard RPGmaker defaults.
Definitely keeping an eye on this one! Good luck!

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:thinking: Going to test this game soon.

I have to say this is a good game with fun characters and okay story but there need to be more attack skill and magic because the Bear boss was so hard because I have to buy strolls to did huge damage on it.

You shouldn’t need scrolls to to much of the damage If you make it’s attack backfire on itself that should get it down in no time. Just have Noss focus on attacking it while Bella keeps healing/casting addiction. You can also use Fury of the Small for some burst when you have the TP

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love the game cant wait for more

I could use a bit of help with getting it to work! It looks like it installed correctly, but whenever I try and open it it just loops back to the previous window.

That was fun. Also Gluttony getting bigger at the end was great cause I can’t wait for her to enjoy getting bigger


Loved it!

I honestly really like the set up and can’t wait for more

Super good so far, enjoying it a lot, can’t wait for next update. A few notes:

  • I had a bit of trouble doing things “in the right order” without too much direction, and got stomped by mimics until I realized I hadn’t beaten the slimes yet.

  • I experienced a game breaking bug. I got onto the roof of the church and pressed the interact button near the door frame, and the game gave me the dialogue as if I was trying to go in… but also opened the door, and froze permanently.

  • Is there anything else to do while trapped in pre-update land? At least exploring the town or being able to poke multiple girls would be nice.

Great work, looking forward to the future!

I had fun with this one.

Kinda wish we could have seen a before image of the lady you collected the cats for