The Gain Trials (1.1 Released!)

The Gain Trials is a story where you are the head scientist of a series of trials that are designed to push the limits of the subjects involved. Pump them full of liquid, grow their breasts, milk them and have sex with them.

The game offers the following :

  • 400+ Static Images
  • 350+ Animated scenes
  • 3 Woman with different bodytypes

Fetishes :

  • Weight Gain /Feederism
  • Breast Expansion
  • Extreme liquid stuffing
  • Lactation

Download the game here:

Big Thanks to:
MarkJ94 - Writing/Dialogue
Krodmandoon - Writing, QA and Moderation
NormytheMage - Writing and Digital Design




this does bring me a smile


This looks great. I love stuffing based content. Is the weight gain optional?


Stuffing, weight gain, breast expansion and milking is not optional.

Sex scenes are optional though.


The game is now live.
You can download it here: The Gain Trials by Bladerune9


This is great so far!


Incredible work! Love the characters and progression on each of them


only problem there’s no choices what so ever made it boring for me


Finished the game and it’s great.

Will this game will continue to be developed? Just curious. Really interesting and has potential. Maybe include dates, storyline and so on should you ever decide to continue wirh this game.

Also Krystal is my favourite girl.


Some fantastic animations at play here. I didn’t mind the slow burn so much (and hey, there’s also the trust old Ctrl key to speed through repeated dialog) as it helped to appreciate a progression that felt both steady but also gainful, so I’d say you hit the sweet spot there!


@ScoliosisWarrior @AlexKay
Thank you for the kind words.
I’ll probably do one big post game-jam patch that adds dialogue to the parts of the game that currently have repeating dialogue and add all the weight gain stages I originally intended.


Yeah, I like the idea of choosing your ending and having one of the test subjects join you for some “advanced trials”.


That is actually a really good idea.
I might steal that one :stuck_out_tongue:


Patch 1.1 is now Live.
This fixes a lot of typos.
Improved loading performance
Converted all images to .webp
Reduced the game size to ~ 1GB


not a bad game but sequences can be repetitive at times, as well as potential for pregnancy content and other story elements involved. great model work and solid animations throughout tho.


There’s going to be more weight gain stages?



Hurray for goth girls.


EDIT: I realize this was done on short notice and quickly, gain jam and all, but I wanted to give a fair look over and criticism, even if it was done on tight time and by one of my fave devs here

I really liked this game for the first half, but I have some serious gripes with the game as it goes on.

I’m okay with the fact that it’s not really a game as much as a total visual novel, without any choices, but karren’s constant nagging and encouragement to push the limits feels like a missed opportunity for player choice, be it skills or storyline, on how far to push each girl.

This also just makes Karren more annoying and bitchy, because I can’t do anything to appease her complaints.

My biggest gripe is the repetitive nature. Many, many games on this site reuse scenes and dialogue. That’s okay! However, it makes a lot of sense for a life sim, like The Weighting Game, Fill Me Up, or even your own other project, Fattening Career.

However, there just… doesn’t seem to be a reason to make me do multiple tests with the exact same scenes and dialogue on each girl before each weight gain level up, other than just to pad time? It ends up leaving the weight gain content feeling kinda squeezed in between mountains of good-the-first-time (but only exciting for the most diehard fetishist) breast expansion, milking, bloating, and sex scenes.

But above the need to skim through repeated tests, I really, really was disappointed by the limited dialogue and story, especially as the game progresses. The weight gain kink in me kinda dies seeing characters not really respond or give a shit at all to gaining weight, upwards of 200 pounds between the last time they had new dialogue. This really hurts Krystal and Tracy. Sarah has a bit more dialogue than them I think, but also the least unique story. Krystal is THE fat fetish character, but there’s limited payoff outside of changing models, because her dialogue doesn’t change across 100ish pounds, which feels depressing. Tracy is especially a victim here, with her in-it-for-the-money buildup not really falling into some kind of corruption arc or being unhappy with the weight gain or anything satisfying. Also, her randomly going from the only character with a partner, so she wont fuck the MC, to suddenly entering the bone zone was… really boring. It made her have less of a character, less of a story, AND meant her sex scenes were just sex scenes again, not any different than the other girls outside of just… her body.

I really hate to be a negative nelly. I adore the models for this game, these are some of your best ever and I especially loveeeee Krystal, and love the ass details on Tracy, but the combination of very limited dialogue, zero choice/gameplay BUT ALSO grinding up a progress bar, and a constant beratement from an NPC with (as far as I can tell from where I am in the game) satisfying payoff is just frustrating, and makes me struggle to finish the game, and I feel content going “eh I did most of it” at around the 6/8 5/7 mark for the girls, which is not a good feeling ya know?