Cumm Labs Inc - A Weight Gain & Cumflation Text Adventure (Demo v0.39) *Updated 12/14/19!

Fellow Weight Gamers!

Okay, so I’m not super awesome at programming, and I can’t draw. I can write okay though, and this contest was a good chance to put a game together.

It’s my first game. It’s not super complex and pretty linear for the most part, but there is a plot, fetish-driven as it is, with sex and fats.

And cum inflation. Because it’s fun.

So, I present to you Cumm Labs Inc!

"With the power of science, Cumm Labs Inc has decided to explore one of the world’s more niche kinks: Sex and Weight Gain. What if you could pair the two together, quite literally? Here at Cumm Labs, we’ve decided to find ways to make that happen!

What could possibly go wrong?"

This game contains the following:

  • Sex & Masturbation
  • Sexual foreplay
  • Female-only Weight Gain
  • Cum inflation
  • Some penis growth
  • Testicle/balls growth
  • Shredded Clothing
  • A slowly revealed plot
  • Crazy amount of Fatness
  • And a bunch of ornery text, because I love you

There’s also an option to relive (or rather, read the full text again) for the scenes in the game in the first two scene rooms/related to them. On the next demo release, I simplified it to a player item, though.

Like before this is only a demo, with the first 2 of 6 scenes planned, and more plot to be introduced as the story continues.

Play and/or download the game! (New link!) Right here!
As of 3/6/24: Now also on Itch, not yet updated, but maybe easier to download: Here!

I am open to feedback and criticism! Have fun!

** Updates to follow in the next post.



  • A few typo fixes, including a silly inconsistency with the Laboratory/Lisa
  • I fixed the Look Self feature! Whoo!
  • “Fondle self” command is added, currently only works on self. You’ll have to type it, but it updates after each scene (Production Lab & the Restroom).

And some other small edits.

I have some things planned for this game, too:

  • Art! Maybe. I’m broke but it’s on my to-do list to commission or trade some work to intersperse to improve the experience, and I’ve got the game scripting prepared to slap some in

  • 4 more scenes to be added, I’m (slowly) working on the 3rd one which works a little more dynamically.

  • Bonus scenes! Small snippets of writing just thrown in for some extra fun.

  • POV switch, I hope. I’m trying to think of when to put this in, but it’d be an optional path to undertake that doesn’t effect or take away from the story. Different scenes would occur though.

  • Some pacing! I forgot how quickly you can go from waking up to watching a sex scene. This may be in the next update or after, or near the end, but I’d like to flesh this world out (pun intended) for this game. It’d feel more… complete, at least.

Anyway, enjoy!


Hey, I loved this game and look forward to more. That being said the “Fondle” command doesn’t actually seem to work.

Edit: Also, stepping back into the lab after the sex scene with Dan and going back to the observation room (only to be kicked out) gave me the text Error running script: Error compiling expression ‘Lab Exit to Hallway 3’: Unknown object or variable ‘Lab Exit to Hallway 3’

Double edit: Entering Cara’s office I can see “Cara 1” and “Cara 2”. Searching the desk multiple times gets me the key, but I’m trapped in there. Trying to exit tells me I need to search the desk. Searching the desk does nothing. Also the “look self” command just returns “looking good”.


Thanks, somefakeuser!

Demo is fixed! Apparently, I fixed “fondle self” on the version I’m working on and not the demo file, oops!

And uh…you weren’t supposed to be able to go upstairs quite yet. lol

Fellow pervs!

Since some of you like this under-developed game, I made a discord. I don’t have anything to make it special, but you’re welcome to join.

** December 14th, 2019 update! **

-Entire game thus far rewritten, dealing with typos, spelling errors and general wording. This should read much smoother, much better, and hopefully more satisfying.
-Bonus content after the Restroom scene!
-Production lab revisit rewritten
-Supply closet has a nice surprise
-2nd Bonus scene upstairs!

New cover image courtesy of @hisano-x!

The game has been updated at the link in the OP. Check it out!


Just a heads up, I’ve found a few bugs:

  • Going south after the bathroom scene, I get an error reading “Error running script: Error compiling expression ‘Lab Exit to Hallway 4’: Unknown object or variable ‘Lab Exit to Hallway 4’”

  • Going south after the second production lab scene causes the north exit to deactivate. Edit: can confirm going back into the bathroom also deactivates the north exit.

  • After going up the stairs, there north door is locked and there’s no way to go back down the stairs. Is that the end of the current progress?

  • Looking at the shelves in the supply closet says “There was a variety of items on these shelves, from various spare {object:Science like Equipment2:Science like Equipment} to boxes of… Oh! Clothes!”

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Thanks, all fixed!

Make sure sure you head east to the Upstairs Restroom, there’s the last bonus scene. After that, yes, it’s the end. Trying the north exit twice will end the game.

You can’t go east once you’re upstairs.

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Ah, damn, sorry about that. Fixed!

When I went upstairs, I went east but nothing happened.

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Hey, Hugh, sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

I made a couple minor adjustments, but you should be able to continue. When you go east, the Upstairs Bathroom for the 2nd Bonus Scene is to the south. Both the map and the direction buttons in Quest (and the website if you play it there) should both give you the option to move that direction.

I hope this helps!

Found a bug on my own, breaking the ability to go north after checking on Lisa in the Lab. That has been fixed.

Fixed the link, apparently it’s been outdated for months.



Did you always need an account to play 18+ text adventures?

Well spit, I tried to make an account and put in a valid DOB, but it never updates, so I can never play the dang game.
Is that normal?

Give it a day. It’s really damn slow.

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Yeah. Previous links were unpublished and, as a result, not age-gated like this one is. Sorry about that.

Yeah, like Parnash said, you may need to give it a day or so. Feel free to clear your cookies, though, it might make all the difference.

Did for me, the first time around.

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Tiiiiiiiiiny update.

Starting in March/April of 2022 I’m planning on (:crossed_fingers:) resuming writing on this game (along side finishing up Comfy Companion, whatever I have left). Around that time, about every other month, I’m going to start commissioning art to imbed into the game. The other artist I was commissioning for this, @hisano-x, had to back out due to priority changes on his end. But that’s okay! We still love him, he’s amazing! Life happens!

Anyway, I’ll post an ad with a lot more details around that time, but heads up for anyone who may be interested!

In the meantime, I have a Patreon up for the sole purpose of helping me commission artwork for both my stories and any game projects I’m working on. Anything helps, as I use every penny for said commissions, cycling it back into the weight gain and expansion community. More money means either more artwork or higher quality, or even both!

Stay awesome!


If you wanna support Hisano, please feel free to follow him on DA:


And bookmark then check out his website!

He’s an awesome fella, and I’m happy to call him a friend.

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