Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who made Comfy Companion 1?:

Catboymech, who’s originally posted here as @cakecatboy. You can find their original game as the 2019 game jam entry here:

  1. Who the hell are you?

I’m me boxxy, Sir Kata. I came to the scene with the amazing game that I wrote in 4 days called Cumm Labs, and later a demo for A Family’s Fattening Holiday!

When it comes to Comfy Companion 2, I was originally hired by Cat to fill the writing role so they could focus on the art and programming for the game. Unfortunately, the project was cancelled.

I’m still filling that role. @hisano-x has taken on the role of artist and programmer for this fan release.

If you want to check my non-game writing I am… everywhere. My main gallery’s on DeviantArt, though.

  1. Who’s this Hisano-x fellow? Is he nice? He better be nice.

Hisano’s awesome! In fact, you remember that Yuffie comic he drew? No? Don’t worry, you’ll find it.

Jokes aside, he’s a talented artist who’s also worked on Dragons Gorge [Staff Submission], Project Bakery, and is the artist I hired on for Cumm Labs and A Family’s Fattening Holiday!

Please feel free to check out his social media! He’s got a neat website, Twitter, and yes he sometimes posts on DeviantArt.

  1. What’s changed between Cat’s version and this one?

Very very little, actually. The original story and plot that Cat and I worked on is still being used, at least for the base game. The demo is the first few minutes of that same script I wrote under Cat’s direction. The rest is going to honor our original plan.

  1. Wait, “base game”?

Yes! Well, we got the okay, we’re going to add some additional, albeit 100% optional content once the base game is finished.

  1. What’s the optional content?

That’s a surprise! :wink:

  1. When does this expansion take place?

This story continues right after the last game ends, only two days later.

  1. What’s the game’s plot?

To be revealed! No seriously, we’ll be talking about it when the demo’s posted! and this will be updated

Feel free to ask any other questions below!