All about Fan Release: Comfy Companion 2.0 (and the category)

New game, who dis? Please excuse the exposition here, links and such are at the bottom

Ahem, I mean hi there, Weight Gaming! @hisano-x and I are very excited to show you some news regarding the sequel to the original Comfy Companion by @cakecatboy, now going by Catboymech on Twitter & Twitch.

This game will be a fan released version of the original expansion that Cat and I planned together before it was unfortunately cancelled (as also discussed on their website) last year. As Cat stated originally, I had always planned on finishing the script, but then Hisano approached me and asked about working on this together.

So, with permission, we started working on this. Slowly. Over many months, inside jokes, and so many memes holy crap, help me

So why the hell did I take so long to make a post about it here? Well, to be honest, we didn’t have anything to show for it yet.

And why would I post about it if I didn’t have something to brag tell you about? I don’t like wasting people’s time.

Well, here we are! Almost.

We have a demo underway, which we plan to release soon. This topic will be used to quickly link to other topics for ease of use. Please pin this on your end, so if the topic gets too cluttered, this will be at the top for you always.

And don’t worry, I plan on opening this up for new topics once the demo’s out. This is just getting everything set up first!

Now. Links time!

Current credits! Because someone will yell at me to update these later.

  • Original Game and Concept (art, story, etc): Catboymech
  • CC2 Story and Plot by: Sir Kata & Catboymech
  • CC2 Written by: Sir Kata
  • CC2 Artwork & Programming: Hisano-x

Finally, despite the delay in development, this has only been possible with everyone’s support. Hisano and I wouldn’t be here without you all. Thank you.


Okay this took me 30 minutes of trying to be clever. Here you are, bumping for whomever was curious and clicked early.

Also I love you you’re awesome. There. Now I said it. Let’s be friends.

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“A surprise for sure, but a welcomed one”.


That feeling when you type up a massive post at 1am and don’t realize you didn’t finish. Phew.

Glad that wasn’t me. Ha. Haha. It was

Haha, thank you! I really hope everyone likes it when it comes out! :pray:

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At one time I really liked the original part of the game…
Now I will really look forward to your game!

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I wanted to add here. I still plan on releasing the full script as planned. When the base game is completed, I’ll have a separate post up for a copy of the full script I wrote. It’ll come with all kinds of fun writers’ numbers: Full word count, spoken word count, etc.

You know, for us writing nerds. :grin:

I’m very much looking forward to this being released :slight_smile:


Demo is up, links are updated!