Comfy Companion - cakecatboy game jam submission

Hi guys! Cake again!

This time I’m back with a new game, and a new name! (previously cakehoarder, now cakecatboy). You’ll get to work as a trendy social media influencer and infamous feeder who is now challenged with a new model / pet over a 24 hour trial period. If you can take lots of pictures of their growing progress, then you become a viral sensation! You can fail if you are too forceful though, so listen to your pet and do the best you can! And enjoy the story along the way!



PC/Linux | Mac | Android New | Android Legacy | Chromebook

If you have an older android phone/version, and you know it has issues with some newer apps, use the legacy version. Otherwise, try the Android New link first.

  • 1.4 | fixed issue with wrong speaker name appearing, fixed android releases, (+ legacy version), added some formatting for some choices

  • 1.5 | fixed issue with default text starting at max speed, edited typos, adjusted starting volumes to non-deafening levels, small

  • 1.6 | edited behind the scenes values for pet affection levels after certain choices, reworded a few choices to better show the intentions behind them, “How was the trip” changed to “Nice landing”, “full” breakfast to “hearty” instead. It is also now possible to get a good ending, fixed male sprite ear colour not being correct, fixed default text speed (I hope, this time)


Reply below or find me in my discord to ask for help / report problems.


seems like it would be interesting and maybe just maybe have a debug or cheat menu but it keeps players from the ending if you have one

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Looks awesome. Is the pet going to be male, female, or androgynous? That would be cool if we could select their pronouns because im not really into dudes.


I’m looking forward to this :slight_smile:

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Neko neko nya nya
Just a joke
But I love the visual appeal to it anime like mixed with a pinch of realism
Can’t wait to play it

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Same but if cake does both female and male for the “pet” that would make both sides happy


Love your work! really working forward to this game :slight_smile:

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@Catqueen @ButteredToast25

why don’t you just play the game when it comes out? :smirk: Thanks for your enthusiasm!

@Eggs welcome to weightgaming!!


Your last game was a lot of fun, can’t wait to see what this one gets up to. :slight_smile:


thanks so much, man! This one should be just as fun, I hope! (if not more!)


Your game last time was awesome! This one, based on the description; is going to be something I am really looking forward to! Good luck in the competition! :smiley:

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Nice! Your previous games were very fun and good and I believe this one should also be, and it looks like this one’s going to have even more alternate paths, I can’t wait!

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the problem is; it’s not finished yet hahaha

I’m working my ass off to make it nice and loooong for everyone!


thanks this actually seems like IIIIIIIIIIIF enough people request it you could make multiple chapters if you aren’t already

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Bumping the thread to notify users the download links are now up!

I am currently aware of the bug happening with the android version at the text input screens.

two workarounds:

try restarting the app.

please hit enter with nothing in the text field to progress with default names

this will have to do until I’m back at my computer tomorrow and can find a permanent fix or solution.

The graphics is really good, the texts too. It would be good to add more choices during the game or more chapters. For example I expected decision whether to play with the ball or work after returning from store.

But in general I really like the game.

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I hear you on that! it seemed like it was set up for a reason and that’s cause I intend to include it but it got cut due to time constraints.

I’m grateful for the feedback! thank you

It really was as short as you said, but it was quite cute for that short time. Production quality was much improved over Juni, all the menu, skip, and control options were modern and convenient. Your coding is getting impressive.

While I liked pretty much all of the dialogue, it suffered a bit from the same incredibly harsh choices Juni did. I understand implementing a dynamic affection point system is a bit much for a one or two week project, but it feels a little odd for your pet to grow frustrated and walk out on you for making an unsavory offhand comment twelve seconds after meeting them, then treating them like a prince or princess for the next whole day where they seem to mostly enjoy staying with you. If you ever make another VN-style game, I’d consider making success or failure based on achieving a set number of success flags less than the total number available rather than on failure flags.

Art was supremely cute :heart_eyes:


not to make excuses, but I wanted the later choices to weigh more than the original. I didn’t want to punish someone for making one bad choice, in fact you almost need to be trying to get the worst ending. Maybe the neutral/bad end was a bit too harsh, though I wanted the opportunity to provide clues to beat the game if you play it again. If there’s a certain choice you thought was unfair I would be happy to look into doing some work on it for a later release. This type of thing would work well with more time, to have certain dialogue affected by your pet’s warmness level to you. Like he/she wouldn’t laugh at your jokes, etc. I like the thought of your pet still trying to like you despite everything.

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