Free Project Files - Comfy Companion Expansion Cancelled

Sad news turned to happy news! I have cancelled creating extra content for comfy companion, but all the files are being released for free for your own projects (art/backgrounds/etc)

I made a post on my website that explains more:

I really just want to say I’m so grateful once again to everyone for the kind words and for being so supportive, and I hope you can put these to good use somewhere!


I read what happend and i its understand you chooce i hope for you eventhink will be okay


couldn’t you have developed a team to handle parts of it with your lack of time? although that is useless now since the assets are out there

Maybe if you’d like to put up the money for it. Not a lot of teams out there willing to work for free.

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the end result would be the same, volunteers would have to step up to complete the project, and acting like I have any say over free labour, seems a bit entitled.

Luckily this situation also fills another need in this community, the lack of free assets for people to use when they might not have artistic talent but want to have high quality graphics in their games. I’ll be working on creating more sprites in a later thread, free art assets for anyone to use that I can add to at any time.