Project Bakery


A simple little game where you try to manage a bakery built by @hisano-x, @Karase, and myself. We mainly wanted to make this little tech demo to test a baking mechanic that we thought might be fun and may expand this into a legit game later in the future. For right now we hope you all will enjoy this little tech demo and give any feedback that may help us improve it!


  • Basic Controls
    • Movement - WSAD
    • Action - E
  • Basic How To
    1. First move to this table and press E
    2. Select your baked good then add ingredients from the left panel by double clicking them. Once basic requirements are met you can create the baked good by clicking prepare or save it as a recipe. Add additional ingredients to adjust the flavors.
    3. Take it to an open oven and press E to bake. Once it is done baking you will see a green check mark above the oven.
    4. Press E again to get the baked good. The color of the baked good is related to the strongest flavor.
    5. Carry the baked good to a counter and press E to place
    6. Once you place the baked good wait for a customer to enter your store
    7. Wait for them to decide if they want to buy or not. If they do they will move up to the register with the baked good in hand.
    8. When a customer is waiting to buy go to the register to press E to sell them the baked good.
    9. Repeat
  • Pro tips
    • Adding the same ingredient multiple times in a row will not impact the flavor. Alternate with other ingredients to allow them to impact the flavor.
      • Example: Apple, Apple, Coffee wont increase sweetness by much but Apple, Coffee, Apple will
    • The color of the customer pertains to what flavor they like most. Put out baked goods of that flavor to draw them in.
    • Right click on ingredients for more info on them such as cost and flavors
    • The larger a customer is the more they like your baked goods. So the more you sell to a customer the more likely they will just enter your store randomly to look for a treat.


This zip contains Windows, Linux, and Mac binaries. Please keep in mind though the Linux and Max bins are untested so I am unsure if they even work.


I’d just like to say I feel like this has a lot of potential! The core mechanic is really solid, trying to figure out the optimal way to combine ingredients for the desired flavor. I’d love to see something bigger come from this!


here’s the tale of my favourite customer, Riley.


memes aside, this is a fun as heck game, I couldn’t even bring myself to stop playing it! I’m glad I took screenshots though, as playing was so much fun. I love the personality that these lil blobs have, and the fun mechanics behind ingredient making and baking. (tip for anyone about to play; spend extra time developing your recipes in the beginning, and saving one recipe for each colour. It’ll save you a lot of headache later!


looks promising, really hope there will be an update that makes the models into actual anthro animals instead of just colored blobs

I think they’ll be humans actually, or maybe a healthy mix of male+female, and human+furry

well if it is going to mix there should be an option to adjust the mix so we can make it fully furry if we want

segregation went out of style in the 50s lol, just wait for whatever grot + company decide!


its not segregation I am suggesting, I am just suggesting that when they change the models to more than just colored shapes that they add an option to make all the characters furry if the players do not like human weight gain stuff

Or female humans for us folk that only really like humans lol

nah, human weight gain is silly, being fat looks better on furries, but a man/woman slider and human/furry slider is a good idea, caters to both the strange people who like seeing humans gain weight and those who prefer furry weight gain as well as people who are preferential to weight gain for a particular gender

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“human weight gain is silly, being fat looks better on furries…”
Huh? XD
Not to non furries like myself.

you accidentally put your own response in the quote, but to each their own

lol oops
This thing seems to be a bit finicky.

yeah, both the admins and the site itself

You are getting off topic Dark, we have warned you once already. Do not push.

Gave this a go a little bit earlier, it’s got the trappings of a good time killer, so I’ll give it a nice/10.


This is a really clever and fun idea! I like it as there’s more you have to think about and it’s more of an enjoyable game on its own rather than just the weight gain element! I also enjoy the mix of male and female as that way more people can play it

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