Demo: A Family's Fattening Holiday v0.1.79

Hey! Do you like fats? How about incomplete text adventures that promises other things but the dev didn’t give himself enough time to write it, STILL??


Updated: 4/21/2022: Lacie’s (incomplete) weight gain path is added! Whoo!

Why it's incomplete: (click the lil arrow)

I decided to publish this despite being ALMOST done as I realize I had put too much on my plate between this and two other games I still need to finish writing for. Even doing an annual update, which I had hoped as pretty damn reasonable, has proven to be an unrealistic goal.

So while I work on my first game, Cumm Labs, and the fan-made Comfy Companion 2.0 with @hisano-x, I’m going to have to shelve this one on the back burner for a while. Still! I do hope you enjoy this update, as I was also able to add a sex scene in this one too!

Stay awesome, everyone!

Cover art by @hisano-x!

Your friend from college, Vanessa, invites you over to her family home for a holiday meal. This meal isn’t like any other, judging by their sizes, or by how they’ve been getting fatter every holiday.

So what will you find? Probably some weight-gain, male/female content, and a lot of sexual energy, let’s be honest.

This smut text adventure Is a loosely plotted excuse for some fattening shenanigans, sex, and some optional kinks! For now, you’re the family friend: Daniel! Lucky you!

However, this demo is currently limited to the friend, Daniel, his weight-gain and self-feeding growth. Also this clocks in at around 6,800 words, because I apparently cannot write short games! Go team!

Anyway, have fun! (As always, feedback is welcome!)

List of things to be added!

  • Finish Daniel’s self-feeding weight-gain path.
  • Make Daniel’s self-feeding non-linear. Cuz right now it’s linear AF.
  • Daniel gets fed by the family (so he gets even fatter!)
  • Daniel feeds the family instead! I mean… it’s what they asked for, right?
  • Add (100% optional) kinks to be toggled! Cum inflation, and/or lactation to spice things up! …What? Don’t judge me, some people like these things.

I kinda skimmed through the text, but I can tell that there’s a lot of love and effort put into it. There’s definitely heaps of potential in this, especially with the options and kink enabling/disabling stuff. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this project!


I’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you!

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Will definitely come back to this later That feeder path looks hella enticing, woah mama as do some of those kinks, while i don’t prefer it in this state, don’t be disheartened, this is a me thing, and up until the feed self or feed other decision you’ve done a damn good job, just not my cup of tea yet is all.

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Male Gains are quite rare gems around here so I made sure to appreciate this one pretty thoroughly, and it’s definitely pretty great in general! Hitting a lot of good spots here. Quite easy to look forward to it being expanded, since this is definitely the kind of story our holiday season deserves.


That’s totally okay! I’m more into female gains myself, but this was surprisingly fun to write on Dan’s gaining path I just…kinda…kept going? lol But I’ll definitely have more coming for this later on.

Aw, well thank you! I’m happy my little game has been some help in the Male Gains section of fatty games. :grin:


Just played through the demo and I have to say this game looks amazing. The optional kinks are a cool add on and anyone who doesn’t like them can just turn them off. I personally am looking forward to their introduction. The writing is also really good and has the right balance of detail and pace. Really cool game can’t wait to see more!

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Oh wow, thank you so much for the thoughtful post and compliments! That was very kind of you to take the time to give me your thoughts, I truly appreciate it.

I’m glad you enjoyed it, I can’t wait to add more to it, myself. It’s very fun to write!

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Writing is going to resume this month for the holidays!

For v0.2, I’m waffling a little on where to take the next update, so I’m hoping for some input here via a poll. Any other thoughts are welcome, too!

  • Daniel is fed instead, making him so SO much fatter
  • Daniel feeds Laci (19F, 340lbs)
  • Daniel feeds Johnny (22M, 420lbs)
  • Daniel feeds Vanessa (27F, 500lbs)
  • Daniel feeds Mary (47F, 445lbs) (The mom, but not his)
  • Daniel feeds Richard (46M, 850lbs) (The dad, but not his)

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Yea played it a bit ago cant wait for more options.

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Where’s the all option :^)

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I just noticed this


-Spongebob meme intensifies-

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Looks like a pretty solid vote. And wowie, 66 people voted on this? Y’all are so nice!

Looks like Lacie is the winner (I misspelled her name in the poll by accident)! I’ll start outlining and writing her path shortly.

Thank you so much for your help!


Small update: I’ve realized I’ve taken on a lot more work for myself, than I should have. Overly eager you could say.

So… burnout happened. lol Don’t worry, this will still be out soon, but it’s going to be late, that’s all.



Dad’s in the hospital so… um…



That’s awful to hear. Hope everything turns out alright.

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Dad passed away this afternoon. New ETA is undetermined, for given reasons.

Hug your families tight for me this year, okay?


That’s horrible especially dieing on Christmas eve or Christmas depending on where you’re at. Life’s really unfair sometimes I hope you’re able to get through this losing a parent is something I can’t imagine dealing with especially if it was my Dad he means the world to me

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I’m so sorry for your loss. If there’s anything we can do, please let us know.

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let us know if there’s anything we can do, friend. So sorry for your loss.

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