The Gain Trials 1.6

The Gain Trials is a story where you are the head scientist of a series of trials that are designed to push the limits of the subjects involved. During these Trials you meet three ladies, Tracy, Sarah and Krystal. These three undergo a series of trials that will progressively grow their breasts, their waistline and increase the amount of milk they produce.

The game offers the following :

1000+ Static Images
350+ Animated scenes
3 Trialists with different bodytypes
2 Side characters
1 hour of story

Fetishes :

Weight Gain /Feederism
Breast Expansion
Extreme liquid stuffing

Update 1.6 changed to following :

Includes the first 6 stages for Tracy and Krystal, and the first 7 stages for Sarah.
Nearly all dialogue is rewritten.
New mixing minigame.
Two new characters added with whom you have some interactions.
Loads of new images and animations.

Download the game here:

Big Thanks to:
MarkJ94 - Writing/Dialogue
Galactase - Programming
Krodmandoon - Writing, QA and Moderation
NormytheMage - Writing and Digital Design


Good update, but Catie is kinda broken. Sometimes she gains weight, sometimes she resets to default, sometimes game crashes instead of playing animation, sometimes Renpy pullouts error screen when there’s a yellow answer after the minigame.

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Is this something where I can turn off/fully avoid fetishes that I’m not into? I really only want the gaining and some of the other stuff is a complete limit for me

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Do you have a a crash report by any chance? I am unable to find such issues myself.

You can not turn off any of the fetishes in this game, the only thing you can turn off is sex scenes.

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Nice update, as always great visuals.

Just one question… does the serum minigame impact anything or just Catie?

And here is the error I got at the minigame:

but is has been the only one I got in my playthrough. Really enjoyed to look into this game again)


Thanks, glad you liked it.

The serum minigame only impacts Catie currently. I didn’t want to implement fail states and alternative outcomes yet because I need feedback on the minigame itself first.

Thanks for the error report, that helped me narrow down why it crashes for some people.
It does that when an alternative recipe is found(three times yellow borders around the ingredients).

I’ll get it fixed in a small hotfix.


I swear I already was watching a thread titled the gain trials, but this is a new thread? Did I just hallucinate the other thread’s existence?

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@namad The other thread is locked, because it was a game jam thread.


Her weight kept fluctuating up and down for me too, but considering the fantastical science going on in this game, I was writing it off as me just not understanding something about the experiments. Was she supposed to gain weight gradually like the others?

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Catie has a solution that reverses the effects of the tests preformed on her. Which is why she returns to normal. The times she starts out fat or bloated, are because of test done before you come in.


Thank you for explaining. It’s hard to follow what’s going on sometimes, especially on a first pass, when my brain is distracted by a near-constant stream of hot imagery fired at me lol. Take that as a positive review.


Does keeping the pizza or sending the pizza girl away make any difference?

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@Lundar In the current version it does not matter.
In future versions the choices you make will have an effect on future events.

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