The Ship - New Game

Hi everyone!

I’ve been lurking on this page for a few years now, but I finally went for it and made a simple text game. It’s not very complicated or long, but feel free to give me any feedback.

It’s technically in v0.9 because I may or may not be using you guys to check for bugs, but please enjoy anyway. Here’s the link: The Ship - Play online at

Update: I think the bugs have been worked out, so it’s 1.0 now. Let me know if you find any others, but I’ll be working on a CYOA now.


Cool, but uh, how do you give Mike the wrench and screwdriver?

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Just type “give screwdriver to mike”


Seems pretty neat so far. I like the concept that’s there. I found a bug:

stuff Stuff yourself
You shove the random foods down your throat. They’re digested instantly, so you don’t actually get stuffed, but it’s a lot more food than you really needed to eat.
Error running script: Error compiling expression ‘breadandburgers+1’: Unknown object or variable ‘breadandburgers’

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Ahhh, that thing. I thought I’d fixed all the times it appeared but I guess not. Should be fixed in a sec

Ok, updated. Thanks, @CreatureFeep

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Fun game! It was going pretty fast nearer to the end, but i guess that’s both a blessing and a curse; I’d rather have a fun short game than a grindy boring long one.

Are you planning on adding more to the game, or is complete content-wise?

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I’m not entirely sure how the quest engine works, but if it’s possible I think that the game would benefit from removing the “take” option from most objects, as well as giving some descriptions to most of the items when looked at.
Edit 1: And adding a description for “look at self” would also be worthwhile
Edit 2: You can access the storage area from both the hallway and the common area

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You can use the mirror in the bedroom to look at yourself, and from what I’ve noticed, the description doesn’t change unless there is also event text after you eat something


You can look at yourself in the mirror. I’ll definitely look into getting rid of the “take” option


I’ll fix the issues it has, but I think story wise that’s about it. I’m glad you liked it!


Excellent little Quest game, with more detail than expected for a first release.

Looking forward to whatever you intend to do next. :smiley:

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Well I got the massive ending… what? There’s other endings than being the fattest human alive?


(Also I loved it, great work!)


Thank you!! I’m working on a choose your own adventure style thing next.

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I actually considered not bothering with some of the thinner endings, bc what’s the point really. I’m super happy you liked it!


There is a small “feature” where if you eat the cake and then eat any other food item, the stuff yourself command appears and refreshes every time you eat a food item after that, allowing you to stuff yourself a total of 4 times every day.


Oh, whoops. I guess I should fix that, fun as it is. Thanks for letting me know!

Edit: Should be fixed, hope I didn’t make it worse.

Nice game, short and simple. I prefer these kind of games over others complex quest games or rpg maker games.

How many endings are there? I found 2, the jello bad ending and the one where you indulge on getting fed. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t invest more clicking on it trying to achieve different outcomes if I’ve already seen all the content.

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There are 7 in total, including two deaths, a “bad” one and a thin one.

I’m really happy you liked it!

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Hi, so I like what I’ve been able to play of the game so far, but I always have trouble with, so when I can, I try to download the .quest files. I tried to download the file for your game, but it wouldn’t download (I clicked the download link, it went through, but I got no file). It says over 1,800 people have downloaded it though. I was just wondering if you could post a downloadable file for people like me who have trouble with the website.