Magic College Weight "Loss"

I made another little WG CYOA game on Textadventures! It’s not very good or very long, and I may flesh out the endings a bit more eventually, but here y’all go! Magic College Weight Loss - Play online at

It was super easy to make, but I’ve been working on it for a while just bc it’s a fair bit of typing. Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think!

EDIT: Here’s my old, text adventure rather than CYOA, game as well: The Ship - New Game


It’s pretty good, I could see this being expanded a bit more for more moments or even more possible paths.


While it wasn’t my favorite game ever (the magic stuff is never really my style), I did enjoy it and found it a good play-through to scratch the itch of text adventure type games I always have.

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I’m open to any suggestions!

Well perhaps for after you accept to be trained by Amelia that maybe have potential moments of weakness, like maybe a scene where Amelia goes to use the bathroom or something to distract her while you could grab maybe extra chocolate or what ever else is in your vicinity. That way the duel could potential be swayed depending how much time you spent cheating, and could allow another alternate path of if you were to of lost the duel.
Another is to perhaps expand on the endings, maybe to have either each ending described more in length or have further branches of how Amelia reacts to her gain, while perhaps having other characters come in and react to it as well (like that dishonorable guy or Amelia’s mother).


My personal opinion is that if you are doing a text adventure game there should be some element of exploring. Otherwise it is just a story, and while I don’t hate stories by any means they don’t feel quite as much like games.


It’s a Choose Your Own Adventure, not a text adventure

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Textadventures has two game types, and for this game I used the CYOA setting. If you want a more exploring text game, I made one a while back too! You can find it on my profile

Could you perhaps link the exploring type of game in here?? Because if you could that would be kind of nice, because I can’t see it when I go in on your profile.

It was originally tagged as a text-adventure, so that is the mindset I went into the game with. That is likely on me for not paying better attention. That said, CYOA generally aren’t my style of games, so I likely just had a mismatch of expectations with what the game ended up being.

Rather the PC suffered the weight gain fate than an NPC.


One of the endings is mutual gain

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Here is is: The Ship - New Game

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