Fat Women in "Normal" Games?

I know we have the User Maintained List of Games for all of our WG fetish games. But I’d like to know how many games there are which aren’t specifically tailored to our fetish that just happen to have women of different shapes and sizes.

Off the top of my head, the only ones I can think of are Fat Princess (which might as well just be another fetish game), Madame Flurrie from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (which is a cloud), Peach and Daisy under the Elephant Powerup in Super Mario Wonder (who become Elephant Furries), and Ellie from Borderlands 2.

What games do you know of that have characters who don’t fit the usual based off an actual supermodel figure that aren’t customized characters or mods and who are they?

Edit: Adding Bia from Speed Brawl (suggested by Exas) and Lard Lass from Bacon Man: An Adventure (suggested by PeachClamNine) to the list


Never played it despite owning it for years but Fable apparently has fat characters. Might just be the character creator I’m thinking of but I vaguely remember hearing there’s fat NPCs too.

As @Wulf_Diomhaireachd mentioned Fable, Fable2, and Fable3 all feature NPCs of various sizes and the PC can gain/lose weight during play (and earn a nickname). I never played the Fable-on-rails one. Hammer from Fable 2 is probably my favourite of the bigger NPCs.

Cyberpunk 2077 has various sizes of crowd characters, with notably different walk animations, but I think all the named NPCs are slim with a couple of exceptions. Haven’t played the DLC yet.

Other randoms:

  • Inge Wagner in No One Lives Forever (sort-of abandonware at this point)

There’s a thread similar to this but for playable fat girls if you’re interested.

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