A game about managing buildings and transporting energy using the only reasonable medium: yourself! Collect resources and use them to build a way off of the planet you’re stranded on. Feedback and bug reports are welcome!


Instructions and base spritesheets for making sprite mods can be found in the download.

And while this is a bit of a distraction from the farm game, rest assured I’m still working on that as well! Just takes a little longer for me to write dialogue and make quests than this. It was definitely eye opening building systems from the ground up knowing what I do now, a lot of stuff in this is more streamlined, especially since with it being a much smaller project I’m not as wary of redoing entire systems.



-added wide buildings
-added solar panel mk. 3
-added wind turbines
-added wind
-added miners
-added crystals
-added steam turbines
-added walls
-added turrets
-added research center
-added suit upgrade center
-added spaces for the steam turbines and miners to be placed on
-added more weight levels
-decreased energy drain from moving at lower weights
-increased speed reduction at higher weights
-made solar panels cheaper to build
-menus now have left/right arrows on options
-game no longer crashes when opening research menu with all buildings unlocked
-energy bar overlay for upgrade costs no longer extends off the side of the screen when exceeding max energy
-crystal amount no longer displays decimal amounts (they still exist in decimal amounts, but all displayed costs are rounded up, and the displayed amount you have is rounded down, so your actual crystal amount will always be equal to or higher than the actual crystal cost)
-when upgrading buildings that become wider, blocked spaces are now indicated
-adjusted all research and upgrade costs (mostly to be more expensive, 100 energy is super cheap and was mostly for debugging)
-moved player in front of buildings
-added some event dialogue (disabled for this version since there’s no saving and getting the same text over and over is annoying)
-updated miner sprites
-updated some wall sprites
-added enemies
-added ability to damage enemies
-adjusted health amounts of buildings (not that they did anything before)
-added ability to heal buildings
-speed is now capped
-healing buildings is now a lot cheaper and a little faster
-reduced energy cost of walls
-research/upgrade menus are now accessed by pressing down, and the last option of each is to destroy the building (these buildings were not healable)
-updated wall sprites
-turned the research station around
-updated turret sprites
-higher level turrets now do more damage
-turret mk. 2 now properly upgrades to turret mk. 3
-added more slime types
-updated slime sprites
-right half of buildings now destroyed when left half is destroyed
-enemies do not target the right half of buildings anymore
-pause menu added
-saving added
-removed slowing down when at 0 energy (not really applicable anymore)
-dialog now shows portraits for player (higher weight value portraits/expressions have not been added, so the player portrait will be blank most of the time)
-dialog box now has different voices/text colors depending on who’s speaking
-enabled the dialog
-updated background
-updated walls
-added ship
-enemies are now drawn in front of buildings
-the types of enemies that can show up is now dependent on how long you have been playing
-mines can now be boosted by venting energy into them to triple their production rate
-enemies can no longer attack during dialogue
-fixed the weight 10 standing sprite
-updated a better GUI
-added footstep sounds
-added hit sounds for enemies so you know when buildings are getting attacked
-space highlighter is now blue for better visibility
-player animations now slow down at higher weights
-research station can be destroyed again
-walking sounds will not loop when pausing
-reduced crystal costs for suit upgrades
-player sprites finished
-steam turbine sprites updated
-added camera shake at higher weights
-added start screen/menu
-added intro cutscene
-redid a bit of the save system
-scrapped ship repairing, the goal is now to build a teleporter
-added music (provided by @robuttschei on twitter)
-added space to toggle building/player transparency
-added end score screen
-fixed music syncronization issue
-removed final unobtainable speed upgrade
-miner now only gives crystals once fully built
-added sloshing sounds when walking (they’re pretty quiet)
-added random stomach gurgles
-added volume slider for stomach noises
-exit option in pause menu changed to go to main menu
-changed order of volume options
-settings now save when exiting game (must use main menu exit option)
-added more portraits for the textbox
-starting a new game from a loaded file no longer transfers over stats
-added new option at weight 11 :wink:
-research no longer locks up after first research after starting a new game
-minor work on portraits
-research/upgrades/buildings now properly reset after prestiging
-enemies are now destroyed when prestiging
-players now get 5 minutes after prestiging before enemies spawn
-menus no longer appear on top of pause screen
-crystal count visible before researching miners after prestiging
-crystals reset to 0 after prestiging
-energy resets to 0 after prestiging
-starting a new game after starting a new game no longer softlocks game
-mkII solar and wind no longer locked
-new dialogue when first enemies spawn
-increased map size
-added second crystal spot on the other side of the map
-moved steam vent spot towards the middle of the map
-moved crash site a little to the left
-tutorial dialogue text now links in the correct order
-adjusted enemy difficulty progression to be slightly slower
-enemy hit audio is now directional
-made the gurgles a tiny bit quieter
-adjusted enemy spawns to be a bit easier
-added gray slimes that ignore turrets and walls
-added menu sounds (provided by plebian over on discord)
-crystal count now properly loads
-saying no to exiting to the main menu no longer exits to main menu
-windowed mode now set to correct option after starting game
-prestiging no longer locks previously fully upgraded suit upgrades during the same session
-energy transfer speed upgrade now works
-lowered energy transfer speed bonus to 10% per level
-all menus now close when loading game
-game time now properly resets to 0 when starting a new game in the same session as another game
-enemies now load properly
-replaced placeholder reactor sprites (shoutout to knerf999 on discord for the reactor mkIII)
-updated end screens (only for pre-prestige, prestige end screens will not differ from pre-prestige)
-pausing is now enabled on the end screen
-fixed minutes format on end screen
-added indicator to show when out of sight buildings are being damaged
-settings now save when unpausing instead of when exiting game
-loading from the end screen no longer disables movement
-loading old saves and then starting a new game no longer messes with new game data (loading from old saves will still mess things up a little though)
-loading while in a textbox no longer softlocks game
-added new dialogue
-added difficulties when you start a new game (tourist means no enemies)
-stomach gurgles now decrease in pitch at larger sizes
-upgrades now scale with prestige level
-teleporter energy requirement proportionally higher at higher prestige levels
-infinite prestiging now possible
-added support for custom sprites (kinda annoying to use without the sprite sheets though, at least for the portraits)
-crash when beating game on challenge/normal mode fixed
-infinite prestiging now actually possible
-text color in upgrade station now display correctly after prestiging
-research table able to be destroyed again
-added research and upgrade count to the end screen for all you 100% speedrunners out there
-slimes will now take damage when all your buildings are destroyed
-added credits page to main menu
-ending screens for prestiges
-added warning message when saves from previous versions are loaded
-changed hit sounds from slimes to something more slimey
-fixed some typos
-fixed “I spy” softlock
-fixed game crash when pressing down+left at the same time
-end screens now also moddable
-modded end screens now display properly


It’s definitely a nice little concept. I love your art style so much and am always glad to see more work by you. The style seems to portray a sort of time management sorta thing or like a space colony sorta dealio. I’m definitely excited to see more from this and what you come up with!!

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Now of course, the art for the character is very nice, but what you’ve shown so far has so much potential to go in so many directions, I can’t wait to see where you go with this little project! For a weight gain game this idea is incredibly unique and was not something I’d ever have expected to see. The idea of having a character that slowly accrues mass and then using that mass to build structures and upgrade them is so strange but pretty smart. Now personally when the game would start I think it would be cool to hunt for fruits or other alien foods to thicken up and then using that newly accrued mass to create things that will automate fat production, but whatever direction this goes I think will be interesting and quite cool!
I think another thing about this game that is probably gonna be cool for you is the 1/4 amount of spritework needed as compared to the farming game. Might make drawing extra or different weight levels far less tedious in the future, while allowing you to better focus on producing the cool mechanics and other assets for the game.
Only critique I have with what is here so far is that currently the tutorial bot is loaded with info, so it can get a little tedious to read. I’m hoping in the future either computer guy has a list of things to explain like slug man in the farm game, there are a series of bots that explain small snippets of the game (perhaps in some tutorial world), or the information gets condensed a little so there’s less to read. Otherwise, building and upgrading is smooth, mechanics are simple and easy to understand, the art is very nice, and I think everything is working as it’s supposed to! (Oh, almost forgot, I was wondering if you were planning to make the character move slower as she gained weight, since she currently does not)

Either way, very intrigued with what’s here and curious to see what you have planned!
Good luck!

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this has a lot of potential, you could go so many directions with this! I think pudgelover has the right idea here, maybe have wild fruits you could collect, or other food, to assist with weight gain. Also maybe the “base” would need to have certain functions at a certain point ie power/agriculture/defense, ideally with these being “themed” to weight gain. in any case, I’m sure wherever you go with this it’ll turn out lovely.

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Sooo, beside building solar panels, is there something else to do/interact with?
Edit: for pure boredom i started pressing random buttons to see what would happen and apparently pressing both C and D makes you camera go to the right. Not sure if it was intended or not, tought of saying it anyway as it may be a bug(?)

This is a very nice game and definitely a new concept of. . . well everything. I suspect that this will grow into a fantastic Game Friend.

I think it’s to early to say much of anything since we don’t even know what the objective or mood of the game.

I do have one thing I dislike though: it takes time to upgrade stuff and you can’t do anything else while upgrading something. right now there is no gameplay reason why you can’t just upgrade things instantly (or be able to do something else while waiting). if you do have a gameplay reason as to why it would take time that is not implemented yet I would probably recommend against it. waiting is really boring in a game if you can’t do anything else.

I know what you mean about it being more streamlined, part of me wants to redo so much of my game because of how much cleaner code I can wright now

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sniff sniff anyone else smell something looks at profile pic oh guess i should put on deodorant eh?
as far as the game goes any plans for it? my main gripe is that moving burns energy like crazy, but given there is not much there i cant comment on much will there be a threat of some sort? will this be factorio or satisfactory but with fats? will the player get more costumes? will there be a penalty for getting too fat? is the player some kinda plant why do they gain weight via what looks like photosynthesis? well that’s about all i can think of sorry if i flooded you.

At the moment there’s not anything besides the solar panels, like I said there’s not much to do in this version. Holding down C and using WASD will let you move around the camera freely, but there’s not much use for that beyond testing purposes so I didn’t think it was important to mention.

Damn, this is a long block of questions, so here we go:
I am planning on there being stuff that can hurt your buildings eventually, as well as defensive buildings to keep them away.
Factorio and Satisfactory are of a much grander scope than what I’m planning for this game, and also have a huge focus of different ways of transporting resources. Also my shtick for this game is that YOU are the only way to transport energy around, which has a different feel to it. Mod support for Factorio is really good though, I can definitely see a lot of potential there.
I don’t think I’m going to include costumes in this one. It’s a ton of work, especially since the sprites here are a lot bigger/more detailed.
The only penalties I have planned for getting bigger will be moving slower and losing more energy when moving.
The player isn’t a plant, just an alien. The suit captures energy from the solar panels (and other buildings) and converts it into fat to store it, and can also reverse the process. The passive gain is from the suit capturing body heat.

sorry about the question flood there… i had more but i figured i was pushing it with that anyway thank you for answering them all

Nah, it’s great to have people interested in something I made! Ask away!

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this is very interesting!
Hungry for more!

well you did ask time to list the remainder…will try to keep it organized this time.

i noticed an area blocked of with rock walls will we be able to expand past that point?

About the foes will they affect the player example one type fattens the player to slow them down while the rest wreck the base?

will the player be able to fight back directly somehow?

will there be any exploration or resource gathering or even other area’s like a base where the fores spawn?

what will be the end goal of the game and will there be a you won screen?

how did the player get to the planet was it a crash or did they go there directly?

will there be any npc’s beyond the floating monitor? if so will they have any effect on gameplay?

…i think that should do it.

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This is really neat and simplistic in a really good way. I love your funky little alien gal, she’s got a very charming design.

This is an interesting proof of concept, I’m curious where this goes

It’s 10% trying to make the amount of energy you need intuitive without numbers, 10% getting a sense of anticipation for building/upgrading, and 80% so you can’t slam down cheap fodder buildings/instantly upgrade buildings to get their health up for when I implement enemies.

I might add more room to the play area if the current amount of spaces ends up not being enough, but I’m not planning on adding other areas or anything.

I don’t think I’m going to add any fattening foes, since they wouldn’t really be enemies if they just helped you.

My plan is that you can just run into them to shock them and drain some of your suit energy. Won’t be too effective, but something to prevent one small dude from wrecking your whole base if you have 0 defenses built.

No plans on adding additional areas, just the one. There will be another resource though to add some variety, but it won’t affect player fatness.

The ultimate goal will be to fix your ship, which can only be done with a large amount of energy.

Crashed the ship, which inconveniently destroyed all their batteries!

Nope, just the two characters to keep the scope of the game down.


Still a lot to do, but here’s something showing off some of the new sprites I’ve finished up!



You have done a lot of work. but now to wonder. . . What do the other objects do?
Maybe we could upgrade our bar as time goes on to get more energy and weight out of it?

Just a suggestion Friend.

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Yup, that’s the plan. I have a suit upgrade structure implemented for the next version already, there’s a couple things you’ll be able to upgrade with it, including max weight!


would size/weight change the speed of the character?