Surviving, a WG and Expansion Game (Discontinued)

Hey friends and welcome to my game Surviving the End. This initial post is going to be an overview and I’ll go into more TLDR stuff on my second post.

Surviving the End is an expansion fetish game that will feature mainly Weight gain, AE, and BE with some stuffing scenes as well. The game is done in RPG maker and uses DAZ assets for actual scenes with a current render count that keeps going up.

Version 0.9.0 WIP (last version released on Patreon

Here are some sample renders from the game to give you as sense of quality, some may contain spoilers though so be warned.




This 25-35 minute demo has basically been a year in the making and about 500 bucks in DAZ assets. That year was mostly spent researching other fetish games and learning as much about DAZ as I could. Will I be making a Patreon? Maybe but it really for me depends on interest. I’m not about to devote a crap ton of time to a game only I enjoy playing. But if I don’t make one the next update probably won’t happen for a really long time.

In my mind I think the game is ok but for sure needs improvement. I’m straight up proud of some of the later renders, especially the last scene and the pinups. But the writing for sure needs some better pacing and I’m really open to ideas on that. It’s also possible I’m just hyper aware of my own product and the story is actually fine.

In an ideal world here’s what I’m going to do make the game better aside from add more girls:

  • Study DAZ even further and maybe invest in photoshop
  • An actually good pinup viewer (Completed for next release)
  • Commission custom sprites to replace the basic ones
  • A music theme that can play during scenes without making it weird
  • Revamped gameplay by adding interesting battle mechanics. (Foundation created for next release)
  • Get RPG maker plugins that add times of day (Making my own, completed in next release)
  • Custom UI (Foundation created for next release)

Effectively most of that would require a Patreon to actually work out, and any commissions would be done within the community whether that be for art or programming help. I don’t see a point in making a Patreon if I also can’t give back to the community that made it possible.

Quick FAQ, may add more later.

Will you add XXXX fetish?

If I make a patreon and they want a specific fetish then sure, I can commission someone to add some content. Otherwise the only fetish that is planned to be added is preg since, well, it’s hard to repopulate without it. Also bellies are great.

Will you make the main character female?

No, I’m not re rendering the images and getting one big gal to interact with anything in DAZ is hard enough let alone 2. Also I’ve legit been framing the images to help with feeling like you are the main character as opposed to witnessing people doing things.

Will future sex content be skippable?

I’d only do that if I had a Patreon and that’s what people wanted to be able to do.


Ok, so right off the bat, I can skip the first boss by just walking to the right and continuing forward, then I can go back and fight it with the fire grenades. It doesn’t seem to help, but the story sequence seems pretty important. I haven’t gotten passed the first room yet since it’s late here, but I’ll be sure to give this some more time and see what else it offers.

I’m actually unsure what you mean by skip the first boss? Like can you get past the laser grid? Or are we talking the drones that attack outside?

This is pretty important because each boss gives an item that levels you up so I’m inclined to fix that.

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I think he means the one at the computer, the plant dinosaur. Which i believe you can’t win without the fire grenades or some ungodly luck.

Either way, I like the premise of it. It’s simple but fun.
Definitely excited to see more of it.

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You can definitely win without the fire grenades, you get new abilities when you level up which I might need to make a bigger deal of if people don’t notice it. But at level three you should do like 80ish damage per hit which with double shot should take down the boss in like 4 turns.

The health stims that drop from the robots also help since the heal is basically your whole life bar.

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Is there a mistake with your position in a New Game? The game starts you next to the final boss and the only path available comes to a dead end on the wrong side of the laser fence.

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Oh shit that’s what people mean, I’m a moron I must have left the position in the wrong place

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Fixing and re uploading in a few minutes

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Just updated the download link, you’ll now start in the actually intended place instead of in the final boss room. This is what I get for play testing right before release lol.

@HellaGunz Thank you for pointing that out!

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The game look very promising ! You’ve done a really great job !!


Oh your not meant to start there?
That explains alot… It’s really hard to beat at level 1.

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@Nikubi Thanks so much! I appreciate it!

@NickSav Yeah I was doing some bug testing and had to overhaul some events. When I completed all that I must have just forgotten to put the starting position back at the intro.

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A’ight, played through a bit, and my biggest suggestion - type out what skills do. I’m not sure if Double Shot is meant to be two shots on one enemy, or the way it currently is right now, which is 2 shots randomly on the whole enemy party.


i just finished playing and i really like it, especially the idea of ​​pinups.
i am very curious how jen will become!
I like how Jen is forming, especially her belly


That’s easy enough, I’ll add that in the next update.

I’m so glad you like it and those pinups are genuinely fun to make so I’d really like to keep doing them. It’s also useful in that I can use assets I bought that didn’t make sense to put into the game.

Also Jen’s TF is going to be a bit final for a while (though the belly will go down slightly since that was a stuffing scene), not because she’s done but because the next update will focus on a new girl. But my thought is that I want to give her a repeatable stuffing scene, plus a few other repeatable scenes.

For those wondering I am totally open to and will likely make a stuffing scene that results in a larger more unrealistically enlarged belly. I just want to find the right character and time in the story to do it.


Just played through the demo, and I really enjoyed it. I really like the vibe you put into this game and the music helps out a ton. I will say I think the abandoned science lab’s music is a bit loud but still good.
Overall this was great and I can’t wait to see where this ends up.

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I can turn down the science lab, if it’s loud after I dialed down all the music to 40 percent then I should definitely turn it down a bit.

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Great demo, eager to see where it goes. Don’t go disappearing on us. :wink:

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I would actually love to continue this work on a more regular basis and make a decent sized Patreon community that puts interaction with it’s patrons as a top priority.

It really just boils down to interest and public reaction so I appreciate you saying something!