Solo TTRPG Ironsworn Homebrew - Fullness and Weight [v1.0 - 2020/05/09]

After watching some streamers play Ironsworn, a really neat free RPG (download it here or check out a review by Adam Koebel here) that can be played solo, I wondered if there wasn’t a way to modify it slightly to kink it up a bit and I figured I could share this with y’all and see what you think.

If you end up giving this a try, I definitely recommend using Roll20 'cuz their character sheet for Ironsworn streamlines the game so much it’s not even funny - it even has room for custom assets!

Most Recent Major Version: v1.0 2020/05/09
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  • Adjusted formatting and added images in the style of the sourcebook.
  • Added two assets
    1 - Befuddle, a ritual that helps you to win friends and influence people
    2 - Diverge Essence, a ritual that lets you manipulate the kink mechanics on characters

What’s Next?
I’ve got a few other ideas for new assets - a few combat assets, maybe a couple companion assets, but I’m planning on playtesting this stuff for a while first to see if there’s a need to adjust anything. I’m open to any thoughts y’all have.

Old Versions & Changelogs

v0.1 - Tracks Only 2020/05/07

  • Defined Fullness and Weight Tracks
  • Defined the Sleep Move

v0.2 - Tracks & Assets 2020/05/07

  • Added three assets to the document:
    1 - Feeder Path, a way for other characters to eat more with less penalty
    2 - Glutton Path, a way for your character to eat more with less penalty
    3 - Iron Chef Path, a way for your character to cook up delicious and hearty food

v0.3 - Adjustments & Assets 2020/05/08

  • Improved document formatting
  • Slight changes to fullness and weight
  • Changed famished and stuffed into Conditions like they should have been all along
  • Changed fitness conditions into Burdens like they should have been all along.
  • Patched Glutton & Feeder Assets to synergize with the new rules for stuffing
  • Added two new assets:
    1 - Hungered Magic, a way to cast prepared magic quickly with hunger
    2 - Iron Butcher, a way to go all Dungeon Meshi on beasts you slay

Ironswell, if you will


Yeah, that’s definitely a name option. I haven’t been particularly enamored with any name ideas I’ve had so far. Guessing I’ll just stick with the stark “fullness & weight” until something clever and punny resonates with me.

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This is really cool looking. Thanks for introducing me to ironsworn.

A tiny mistake at the first page in the middle of New Conditions: you wrote Momentum resent rather than reset.