ExpanD&D - Expansion and Weight gain themed rules for D&D 5e

Heyo. Since this project is one of those that was posted after the date of the backup, I’ll go ahead and relist myself here. For those who aren’t already familiar, ExpanD&D is my personal writing project to create a set of rules that can be used with regular D&D 5e rules to add some elements of expansion, weight gain, and other similar kinks to a campaign, whether it be a serious story driven game or a more erotic roleplaying setting. Follow the link below to find a series of basic rules for weight gain, a number of class archetypes, spells, and magic items, and some potential threats to your players in the form of monsters and NPCs.

Edit: Here’s more new books! The main book has gotten so cluttered it’s time to open up supplement books to keep from having to cram more in there! Each one focuses on a particular sub-genre kink for the system.

Atha’s Grimoire of Gains is focused on Weight Loss and Muscle Growth

The Apocrypha of Letidýra is focused on Slob and Corruption content.

Avenice’s Archive is focused on Inflation content.

Matron Lustre’s Book of Secrets is all about the pregnancy/lactation and breast expansion sides of the kink spectrum.

Narce’s Experiment Notes is my own rendition of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything: A repository for extra rules and archetypes and ideas that might fit in any of the books, but are kept on the side as potential ways to change up your game and make things a bit different.

Final Fatassy: A Setting Document for ED&D is designed to help bring the FFXIV 5e Compendium (Which is linked inside the document) more in-line with the rules of ED&D So you can have your fatty fun within the confines of Eorzea (or any other FF Setting, let’s be real)

Gorias’s Journal of Feasts is the Stuffing and Vore supplement for the system, intended to include many new archetypes and rules for absolutely glutting yourself and others.

EDIT: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! I’ve officially launched a patreon so that maybe one day I might be able to do this kind of fetish homebrewing full-time, creating encounters, more content, and maybe even whole modules or campaigns built around this stuff. Go check it out, I’ve already got my first small encounter put up.


I’d really like to play a game with this system honestly it’s really interesting.

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D&D squad + fat lovers UNITE
If anyone uses roll20, I’d love to play some ExpanD&D with ya!


Gotta say, I like what I’m seeing out of these rules, and I’d personally love to give them a try - I’m not picky on the venue, but options like Roll20 seem to be popular, and other options like Discord occur as well.

A couple of suggestions, more born of enthusiasm than sense:

  • Possible rules for being inflated, which mesh with the existing rules for weight/muscle gain?
  • A ‘hard mode’ setting where gains and losses are increased by a certain threshhold (doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled) to add some extremity to the growth, and put some real danger on deprivation.

This thing sounds and looks very nice,if someone want i would want to try it (im a pretty begginer in d&d stuff)

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im into dnd if anyone here would like to run a game?

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I’d also be interested in playing a game with these rules. As an artist, I was really relieved to see you referenced all the art used! If I was included in such a game, I’d be happy to help create graphics for player characters, NPCs, monsters, ect.

I agree that there should be either feats, or a sorcerer perk that would double, triple ect the gain with certain spells. Using sorcery points to make gains more potent, ect ect. I know there’s some mentions of doubling it here and there, but I think if we got together a game we could easily homebrew a system for that as well. It’s nice to see that this exists as a basic framework.

Get a couple people and start a Roll20 game perhaps? I’m in.


Some genius actually started a looking for group forum for people who wanted to game. You might have more luck if you start putting posts there.

Would someone be so kind as to create a solo campaign using these rules? I’m new to D&D, and I would like to be able to practice on my own before asking to join someone else’s campaign.

Unsure what you mean. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a D&D game without at least two people, generally more. Otherwise, what’s the point?

D&D game with two people is almost the same like a rp with rolls

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with making a sort of tutorial campaign with only one player and one DM, I assume they only wanted to learn the rules before jumping into a real game with other people.


Can I try out a game like that too? With one player and a Dungeon Master?

Exactly. I’ve never played a classic pencil-and-paper RPG before, but I’m interested enough to try it out. The idea of trying to learn the game while also keeping pace with an experienced group makes me nervous. Besides, given the particular rules in question, it would be nice if I could stop at any time to (ahem) “appreciate” the weight gain elements.


Is there anyone here with a Discord to join to maybe play some sessions with ExpanD&D in mind?

Should I create a server for you to play with some people?

Go ahead, please. I’d enjoy that.

Somebody else would have to be the game manager though. I have no experience with Dungeons & Dragons.