Widening Wares of Windrest: An Expand&d content book.

Hello there everyone, happy post-Thanksgiving from here in America.

Let me start off by giving a bit of context to what I’m presenting here. Myself and several other DMs have been hard at work running the Expand&d ruleset as a Westmarches style campaign some of you may be on the Retrofeed TTRPG server.

Retrofeed Server

It’s been going strong for nearly 11 months now! Of course I can’t give enough thanks to Storymaker himself, who put a lot of blood and sweat into creating the original ruleset that you can find here:

Storymaker’s Expand&d

On to the point though. This isn’t a new subsystem or subkink for the game, but instead a build up of a lot of the content we’ve been producing for the Westmarches packaged up for others to use in their own games. After some many DMs have put so much work into it, I think it’s time to share with everyone else. Inside Widening Wares, you’ll find many more monsters, items, a few spells, and even a couple other goodies all mixed together as one big chunk of content. There are a few inflation things inside, but I’d like to iterate that they’re not the main draw or focus of the book, use or forget them at your leisure.

I warn you, it’s still a work in progress, but most, if not all of the content has been play tested with over 3 dozen people, and all the art inside has been done by Artists within the Windrest game itself!

So I hope the extra content can help “flesh out” the robustness of ED&D so we can all have more fun with the combination of WG and DND.

The Book:

Widening Wares of Windrest


So question, would this server be good for someone new to Expand&d?

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Well in theory yes. There’s several games being run on the server, not just one. I’m sure there’s room to learn in that.

This options are looking pretty good and faithful to ED&D. I like it!

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Thanks for the compliment! It’s certainly been a labor of love for several people. Playing 5e with kink elements that work as smoothly as these has been a really cool thing to do.


Hello again, I’m dropping by to say that I’ve been hard at work filling out the rest of the content, and at this point it’s just about feature complete!

Widening Wares of Windrest
Made to work with 5e and ExpanD&D

The Total Content of the book includes:

  • A new race
  • 2 New subclasses
  • A list of many of the characters who took part in the West Marches game
  • 31 pages of setting Lore for you to use or serve as inspiration in your own games!
  • Example Monster lists for various biomes
  • 8 Boss monster statblocks!
  • 28 Spells!
  • 9 Racial feats for ExpanD&D races!
  • 50 Magic items!
  • 70 Monsters!