The RetroFeed

Don’t mind the flashy banner nor the funky name, they’ve very little to do with what’s actually going on in the server itself. Now, I should probably get to explaining that, though you might already have an idea.

It’s a discord server. Relatively simple for now, but as is, it’s in its infancy. The fancy stuff doesn’t come until much later. Now, what’s the purpose of this server? Good question.

As-is, currently, it’s an ExpanD&D focused server, though it’s not ED&D exclusive.
In case you’re not familiar with what ExpanD&D is, it’s essentially a homebrew module to adapt the rules of regular D&D to certain kinks, such as inflations, expansions and, primarily, weight gain. We’re willing to take in new players and old players, old DMs or new DMs, whether they are new to DMing in general or they are new to DMing Expand&d specifically.

Just as a quick aside, I do plan on getting a game going fairly soon, and I’m working on a larger campaign I plan on running once it’s properly done and dealt with. A little under halfway through on that one.

Currently, we’re building a curation team that should, in the future, help us work towards a developed and organized homebrew scene in the server. Essentially, their objective is to check the suggestions made on the corresponding channel and provide feedback to the people crafting that, so they are able to improve their work and deliver a solid final product. If anyone here is interested on helping on that front, feel free to contact me directly on discord at Dr. Sastrous#4910 or asking about it in the server itself.

If any of this has got you interested or curious, tab in and take a gander. Considering it’s a fairly new server, it still isn’t particularly active, but we hope that changes eventually, and, through effort and the necessary adjustments, a larger community will be achieved in time.

Now I am going to stop speaking like a corporate head for five minutes because I’m actually scaring myself.
If you decide to check out the server, thank you very much.
Alternatively, show some love to Storymaker, who made the basic ExpanD&D rules, without which, we wouldn’t be able to operate.
Bless, be blessed, so on and so forth.
Have a good one.


Joined today. Hope I can help contribute and also join in on a campaign.

Here goes the Big Necropost, all for the sake of advertising.

There is currently a West Marches style game being held over in the server. We are looking for both players and willing GMs.
In the event that you might be unfamiliar with what a West Marches style game is, the organizer has provided this handy link right here for you to check out and get acquainted with the concept.

As a very inadequate TL;DR: West Marches games involve multiple player parties as well as multiple GMs, and take place in locations that are usually unexplored or unknown. This game will be utilizing the ED&D ruleset that you can find in this handy link here. As well as a couple additions present in the server itself, and some official books.
If you’re interested, even mildly, you can find more information in the server itself.
Please, keep in mind that this is an 18+ server. In other word, no underage people. If you are caught, you will be immediately kicked out. No questions, no discussion. Do read the rules present at the top of the server upon entering, and the latest post present on the Announcements channel.