ExpanD&D - Expansion and Weight gain themed rules for D&D 5e



Somebody else would have to be the game manager though. I have no experience with Dungeons & Dragons.


I just I found that a server that was in actually uses ExpanD&D. Here’s a link.
https://discordapp.com/invite/tUA8Ujp A Role Play Server!


To BlakLite:
Oh! I am so sorry, I completely misunderstood what you were asking. When you asked for a solo campaign, I thought you meant a one person campaign, as in one player. No Dm, no co-players, just one dude(ette) playing solitare, DnD style. And, well, like I said, really don’t see the point there.

Unfortunately, I am currently full up already, no room to start another game. My friends and I do have a campaign currently going, and I think we could survive one or two more players, but actually starting something new? Sorry, not right now.


What kind of campaign is it?


It’s actually three campaigns. Three of us are GMs, and we trade off control and settings to avoid burning out on any of them. We’re going to be switching campaigns in a little bit, so this is a good time to hop on, and we probably have room for one or two more players.

All three campaigns involve weight gain and the ExpanD&D rules to varying degrees. The next setting up is less wilderness adventure, more city based intrigue. Still fights and exploration and such, but locked down to one place with recurring characters. All core and ExpanD&D class options permitted.


Can you help me learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons if I play with you?


We certainly can. I’ve PMed you a link.


So this might not be the best place to ask, but I figured I would try~

@storymaker, do you have any more monsters or classes that you were working on? We’re having a ton of fun making our own in our server, but I was curious to know if you had some ideas of your own!


I wanna play a game with this. Sounds fun.


Maybe you could create a server where I can join?


uh hello it ok my character can get preganant? i know it sound stupid…


Hardly stupid. Perhaps a bit unconventional, but pregnancy and weight gain have gone hand in hand for a lot of people. I suspect that the exact mechanic (and limits) would be something for you to address with your GM.


As a part of a server full of fans of this system I thought I should post the edited version we have been working hard on: https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/H1QcjJ7b0m Full credit to the original creator for the original idea we wouldn’t have formed the server without having came across ED&D


Here’s the changelog!