Growing, Love (tarot-based journaling ttrpg)

hey, y’all. been a while! a long while :sweat_smile:

i just finished writing up a prototype for a feedist kink game using the princess with a cursed srd toolkit.

i’m hosting it over on my patreon, but the post is public and free. let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions. i’ll probably be refining this and maybe drawing some art for it when i’m not working on one of my comics :slight_smile:

edit: 23/03/19 - just updated the post with an actual play document, around 5 pages of feedist smut generated thanks to these rules and some time spent playing with them. definitely seems to be working as intended, though i’ll be giving the rules some polish once i finish my 2k watchers drawings over on deviantart! :heart:

edit: 23/03/19 again! - just updated the formatting of both documents, as well as the wording. definitely seems like a fairly functional game, but i’d love to see any of your journals if you use this!


I think this is some interesting stuff! I feel like other games of this variety tend to give players a little more help and inspiration though