Cursed! A Twine CYOA (V1.4 - New Sponge Ending)

Long time lurker, first time caller, yada yada.

I finally took the leap this week and made an account, and a game!

Here it is: Cursed! Current (104.4 KB) (Check the in-game changelog for a history of changes)

If you’d like, you can check out any older versions here: Cursed! Old (402.5 KB)

What is it?

It’s just a short little CYOA I made in Twine over the past 2 days. In it, our character Jane Doe (Lazy Cliches: 1, Originality: 0) has been given a cursed totem that will make her expand. Your choices will lead to exactly how she expands. Depending on what you do she will end up:

  • Fat
  • Really Fat
  • Pig Woman
  • Cow Woman
  • Blueberry
  • Inflated
  • Slime (new to V1.2)
  • Sponge (new to V1.4)

What path do you need to get each one? Trial and error! The answers are (hopefully) somewhere between “could it be any more obvious?” and “old school point-and-click nonsense”, and it’s a fairly quick game.

Is it Done?

Well, yes and no. I want to (hopefully) do some overall polish to it and add more content, both in terms of the descriptions outside of the endings, and straight up adding more endings.

Endings You Might See:

  • Other Food TFs (Marshmallow and Dough/Bread most likely)
  • Other Animal TFs (Plenty of large things in the animal kingdom)
  • Specific body shapes
  • Maybe Others?

Content You Probably Won’t See:

  • Vore (doesn’t match the game, not really my bag)
  • Scat (outside of Scatman John references)
  • Slob (outside of some minor messiness and burping)

Have You Done This Before?

Hell no! I’ve never made a game before (some coding experience), written anything creatively that I’ve made public, and I’ve definitely never written erotica! It’s the unholy trinity!

I’ve had the urge to do this for ages and have actually brainstormed and worked through a good handful of game concepts before, but I kept hitting snags. Mostly, that I can’t draw anything outside of a decent 3D cube, and that I suffer from major feature creep in just about anything I do in my life (golly gee I wonder what inspired his username?). This game was my attempt at just taking an idea that was bouncing around my head and hammer it out in reality (gotta strike that iron while it’s hot - I mean horny - I mean hot!). Hopefully this gives me decent sea legs for grasping game design better and seeing how much my writing does or does not suck.

I’m open to all feedback, I’d like to make things that others can enjoy, too. Hopefully you all enjoy my first foray into weight gaming! (Jesus H. Christ I made this way too long. Sorry)


First and foremost:
Hot damn! As far as first games go, and even as far as games in general go, this is fantastic!
Secondly, however, I have found a glitch and a spelling error.
The glitch is as follows: If you get an ending more than once, the “Endings found /6” counter still increments.
The spelling error is a simple “to” instead of “too” in the cow ending


For some reason I keep getting the same ending unless I break the idol. It’s the normal Fat Ending and I’ve gotten it without ever even eating anything. I’ve tried almost every other combinations of things but still end up with that ending.


Great work here! This definitely has potential.
Running into the same problems the others have commented on

Got all of the endings

I think it would help if the descriptions of the locations mentioned the last item you need in order to activate one of the endings, because it’s not easy to know were the item appeared.

Spoiler for the last step of some endings

for instance, the closet could mention the other outfits besides the one you can normally select


@Secret314159 Thanks for the compliment! As someone who felt like they could have had about 3 anxiety attacks before the clicked “post” on this, I’m really glad to hear that you liked it so much! I playtested multiple times, but the counter was a last-minute add-on so I didn’t think about making sure it counted each ending once, oops! And, if that’s the only typo you found then I am shocked that I didn’t make more!

@teh_man One thing you should know is that you are on a bit of a timer. I had wanted to make this more clear in my initial version, but every time (ish) you change rooms, you get an extra “point” towards fat. So if you don’t find a different ending within a certain number of turns, you default to the fat ending. My goal was to add a bit of challenge and desire for replay-ability. You do actually get this hint in the opening letter, but my goal with the next full update I do is to add a progressive description of some sort that acts as both a timer and some extra content.

@Kingling Glad you liked it! Being my first game and all that, I still have plenty to learn, and that includes balance. It’s really easy to get every ending without too much effort when you are the one who wrote it, but that doesn’t always translate to someone else! I thought I left enough breadcrumbs, but you’re right, it might be beneficial to add more detailed hints to certain spots (or at least a clue that points to checking things again).

For the curious, here’s a little peek behind the curtain on how the game thinks:

There is a background tracker of points towards the different endings. The fat ending, like I mentioned, is a ticking timer that is constantly going up. All the other endings (except the idol, which is just an instant event) have 2 chunks of points to earn that will allow you to unlock the item or action needed to get that ending. Only 1 ending checks for the ending points and the fat points as it is right now, otherwise the others are purely beat the clock types. Also, the only endings you can get in the kitchen and hallway are the fat ending (by entering with too many fat points), and the broken idol ending. Everything else ends in the bathroom or bedroom.

I really appreciate the feedback! I’ll probably throw together a small update to cover the little errors mentioned here and at least something to give some better hints towards the endings and post it within the next few hours, then I’ll start working on making a new update that will add more endings, more flesh (heh) to the current game, or both! I’d hope to have that out either today or tomorrow, but you never know how life will go.


how do you get the cow ending? I feel like I’ve tried everything and I can’t figure it out.

I’ll give you a hint: Your first action should be to go to the bedroom, and make sure to read the description when you change clothes.


How in the hell do you get the Cow and Blueberry endings? I have no clue how to get those 2 endings and it’s driving me up a wall, i get that the sweatshirt is part of the cow ending, and I assume the milk is too, but then i just get the fat ending, and I assume the gum is a part of the blueberry ending, just a general guide spoilered like this for people who want to find it themselves would be helpful

I had been debating adding one. Here you go:

  • Fat Ending: Don’t get any other ending before the fat “timer” runs out. The “light snack” option will help speed this up.

  • Pig Ending: Eat the chocolate and be messy. Drink the not Pepto Bismol in the bathroom. Be fat enough in the bedroom to trigger the option to sit on the bed.

  • Cow Ending: Go to the bedroom and put on the sweatshirt. Go back to the kitchen. Both drink milk AND eat chocolate, make sure to wipe her chocolatey hands off on herself. Go to the bathroom and take some Lactaid.

  • Blueberry Ending: Drink water in the kitchen. Chew the gum in the bathroom, and make sure to keep chewing it. Head to the bedroom closet for a very cliched choice of outfit.

  • Inflation Ending: Drink the pop in the kitchen. Chew the gum in the bathroom, and make sure to blow a bubble. Head to the bedroom for a vape break.

  • Broken Idol Ending: No one should need a hint for this one. I hope.

Hopefully you aren’t too frustrated with the “puzzles”. I’m a touch glad that they aren’t all easily found, I wanted to give a little challenge. I just don’t want them to be too obscure, either.


New update here! Cursed! (101.1 KB)

Some passage format improvements (less dead whitespace and whatnot), a “status checker” to see how big Jane is getting, and a brand new ending: slime!

I’m really happy that my little experiment has seemed to receive positive attention, it really means a lot! I’m pretty happy with how it has turned out but now I’m at a bit of a crossroads and would love to hear some opinions on what to do with this next.

Essentially, the fundamentals of this game seem pretty firm and I have a pretty well structured framework to to build with, so at this point I can:

  • Add more endings with some new items to bring them into being. Basically keep this game focused on fast gameplay and getting all the endings.
  • Revisit the overall structure of the game to draw it out, keeping more or less the same endings and making the sequences/puzzles longer, maybe making the transformations more gradual.
  • Something else I haven’t considered yet? (having something after the endings? combo endings?)

Again, I want to thank everyone who has checked this out! It’s given me enough confidence to at least continue experimenting and actually make some games. I hope to eventually share new projects here as I go!


Maybe an inventory system? if that wouldn’t be asking too much of course. It would be neat to be able to combine different objects for different effects.


I’m liking the new update and definitely liking the new ending. I think there was a grammar error in the new ending, in the same sentence as “torso”, but I was a bit too enamoured to figure out exactly what it was.
To add to the pile of requests you’ve gotten for what to do with the next updates, I have one generic and obvious request: more content, please


After more carefully reading everything in game and how to get each ending I think what’s currently in place for most of the endings is solid. But what I would do after eating the chocolate is bold and italicize “wild animal” to catch the reader’s attention. I glossed over it a lot of times in my attempt to find the other endings. Personally, I would also change the need to get the shirt first in the cow ending, since if you’ve done all the rest, why not have the ability to get it after and then proceed to the bathroom? Just have a check in place to see if all the requirements are met for the lactaid to appear.

Something else that might be interesting to give additional endings might be having all of the clothing options available and keeping the other perquisites in place. For example, grabbing the regular sweater and drinking the lactaid could lead to…some very large milk-filled endowment along with the rest of her body. Perhaps some ending in that vein that sort of meet in the middle but then also hint at the other possible outcomes. I think the only thing that makes some of the endings a little esoteric is having to be in a specific place to trigger them. For instance, the need to be in the bedroom for the pig ending when logically the transformation would have happened in any room.

But these are nit-picky things. That fact that you are taking the time to do this is great. I would certainly love some of the possible additions you listed like more gradual transformations and I just now read combo endings XD. I realize this is a lot of work but I definitely wouldn’t say no to more content and possibilities.

Oh and typo spotted. I believe it was “hygiene” in the chocolate sequence.


Lack of spacing here.
Also found a lot of spacing problems with the new status screen.

I second the idea burtgordon018 made, the inventory would be a good way to spice up the gameplay, and with my own ideas i recommend giving the already existing rooms some more things to interact with, like a shower in the bathroom or more clothes in the closet

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Hi. Me again. I kinda need another hint lol.

Hi all, had a moment to dig in on replies and start poking at a new update. It went from something simple that I thought I might get through today to something that I might have in the next day or 2 (and thus my name remains relevant). I just wanted to give some responses and give a little insight to the next couple updates.

Yeah, every time I think I’ve cleaned some of it up, I (or others) find more jank in the spacing. I had never even looked at Twine before… Wednesday, I think, so I’m still figuring out some of it’s quirks. Like how I don’t care for how it handles whitespace! That being said, I’m planning to spend some extra time working on appearance (might even try CSS in a future update, who knows!) this go around. I finally found the source of that massive blank area at the start of the game, so I’m off to a good start!

So I’ve seen this sentiment across all of the updates, and I think that originally it made sense (to me) to have items/actions locked behind a point check. Looking back on it now though, I think making them invisible was the wrong choice. In the next update I’m going to try a kind of compromise between this and my original vision, which will be to make all ending-inducing items and events visible, but either make them have a different effect or have them give hints on how to make them trigger. Hopefully this makes finding the endings a little easier and allow me some extra flexibility on future endings. I thought I could make some simple tweaks to do this, but when I started, I found how I was going to do it wasn’t to my liking, so basically to make this work I have to move everything to a quasi-inventory system (basically, eating chocolate gives you the status of having eaten chocolate, etc.). So, that’s why the next update will take a bit longer, but I think it’ll be worth it.

So all that being said, what about additional content? Well, if I make things work the way I plan to in 1.3, then future content like combo endings and extra items might be easier for me to implement. I might even be able to add some variants to endings, because so far the way I’ve written them the endings have to take place in certain rooms but what if they didn’t? So, I think I’ve still got some ideas in the tank as far as this specific project is concerned and I think with the slight restructuring of the background mechanics I might be able to work out some new stuff fairly quickly.

Ha, I knew I should have included a slime walkthrough somewhere. I think the new versions will include a little txt for ending hints so I don’t have to keep updating different sections of the thread. As for finding the slime ending: Drink some water, take some pink drink in the bathroom, and make Jane fat enough for her status tracker to call her obese. You then should be able to eat some Jell-o in the fridge.

Alright, this went long (my writing style for everything is “throw words against the wall and see what sticks”) but I just wanted to give some responses to the feedback while I work on the next update. See you then!


Look forward to playing through it. I’ve seen some stuff done in Twine and know that it can complicated with requiring things like value checks or status checks and a number of other things. I’m glad to see someone working a project like this and willing to continue adding to it. Thanks for the work you have and are continuing to put in.

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Annnnnnnnd… I’m back! I come bearing a new update, V1.3, which you can grab in the main post! I’ve also decided to condense all previous versions into one zip in case (for whatever reason) you wanted to take a look at older builds.

Now, as to what’s in this update. Unfortunately, this update is pretty much fully mechanical in nature as I mentioned in my previous message. I did a major (well, major given the size of the game) overhaul of the mechanics, basically changing the function of almost everything except the “fat timer”. Now you have the ability to do some things out of sequence (I’m looking at you, cow ending), and the ability to see every possible action from the very start! Now, when you interact with items/actions that were previously only shown when you had met all the prerequisites will behave differently, like give you different hints as to what you need to do unlock that ending! I think this will make the game feel a little more dynamic on the player’s end and also make it a bit less obtuse to figure all of them out. Possibly easy enough to avoid a walkthrough, but we’ll see.

I think this will make the game a bit more fun and feel a bit less clunky, but feedback is always appreciated! I hope to squeeze in some more content - maybe a combo ending or 2, maybe a new full ending, not sure - before I’ll have to take a small hiatus from updating (something about “spending the holidays with family”, whatever that means!). This game has been fun to work on and I want to update it for a bit - maybe up to 2.0 or so, before I possibly change gears into a new project entirely (I’ve got other ideas I’ve wanted to try that all of a sudden feel more attainable than before).


Hi all, one more quick update before I vanish for a bit. I was able to find a little time and a stroke of inspiration to get a new ending added in: sponge (it’s kind of a water inflation, check it out!). It comes with a couple new items/actions that I plan to hopefully incorporate into another new ending or 2, but for now they are a bit one note.

Hopefully everyone enjoys this new ending, I enjoyed writing it if anything! I won’t really be doing much work on this for the next few days, but we will see if I can at least get something out before new year’s.

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