Tribal hunter-wip action platformer game

Hello everyone! I’m here to introduce game I’m working on. :slight_smile:

The title is “Tribal hunter” and it’s action platformer game with weight gaining feature in it.

looks like I can only upload one image for now ^-^a so more in game screenshots are in patreon page.

Currently we have patreon page to announce news and post demo download link. Please check the link below if you are interested. Thank you!


I heard of your project, glad to have you here!

You are sure to have people enjoy your product here!
Hope you have a great time around these parts has you Expand your audience :wink:

thanks for warm welcome! xD

wish more people could know about my project

Welcome! Happy to have you and your project here! I have been watching you all and I have been very impressed thus far with what you all have done.

oh thank you so much! xD we’re keep working hard on game. i’ll try to show more to people

Oh, I can’t even describe how excited I am to see the game here, and I hope that a new demo build comes out soon!

I’ve been watching this game and playing the demos every time they come out. I love all of the work you’ve done so far, and I await each update eagerly. The work you’ve put into giving Munch a lot of character without hardly saying a word is fantastic!

Nice to see you bring this here as well. Welcome to the forum.

Is this game still being updated? The version I have ends upon slaying King Boar.

Yes, it is. The twitter account is being updated a bit more often.

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I played the demo for this game a long time ago. It’s unusual to find a fetish game with full controller support.

However, I really wish that you could play as a female version of the main character. It wouldn’t need a terribly drastic redesign. Change some of the colors, tweak the shape of the eyes, and add a touch of roundness to that distinctly masculine chest.


I think that request would be heard faster on their Patreon.
(Tribalhunter is creating Game | Patreon)

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yes we are keep working on it. check patreon for news

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adding playable character is something I really want to do too. However, you might know if you’ve played the game, there is so many animated sprite for player character.
we are trying to concentrate on adding more contents to the game so, not saying that’s impossible but it will be very difficult.

maybe if we can make sequal? or do kickstarter and make it as stretch goal? I dunno.


Hi! I was just wondering, do you think it’ll be possible to mod the game once it’s released?

So, a few days ago, I decided to back this game on Patreon and play the backer build. I’m very pleased with what I’ve played so far, despite a few technical issues. I went into more detail about those in the game’s Discord server.

For those of you wondering, no, this game will almost definitely not have a playable female character. There are, however, a couple of chubby female NPCs, one of whom does gain weight. Furthermore, the devs occasionally hold YCH auctions. If you want to add more female characters to the game, then I suspect that these auctions are the best way to do so.

to bad there no paly able female character. but hey that my reason why I don’t play it. I understand why you won’t add female.

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After i play the latest version of this game, i think to can be fantastic have a female version of Munch (the protagonist)

How do you break through lose ground?

You have to first defeat Boss Hog and get his ground smash ability. Then jump and press down+attack while jumping.

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