Dungeon of Weight - Weight Gain Dungeon Defence Game

What I’m Making

“Dungeon of Weight” is a pixel art-based, dungeon defense game with female weight gain.
This is what I’m planning.

The player is summoned from “Cream Slime” in dungeons.
The Player’s main goal is to manage the dungeon to protect the dungeon “Cream Slime” lives.
The way the player manages and protects the dungeon is to hire other slimes with gold,
or kill the bosses that invade the dungeon and make them feedee, then increase the weight of the feedee by using the “Creamy Foods” produced by “cream slime”.
then can make the feedee addicted to food and protect the dungeon.

The game is largely divided into a “dungeon management” part and a “dungeon defense” part.

In the “Dungeon Management” part, you can perform the following actions: Manage Slimes, Manage Feedee, Research, etc.

In “Manage Slimes”, like in other dungeon defense games, you can hire, upgrade and deploy slimes.

In “Manage Feedee” you can feed feedees.
Feedee-related events occur when you feed a certain amount of food to Feedee.
After a few events, Feedee gets a food addiction. After the Feedee gets food dependence, it can be deployed in dungeons like slimes, and if you feed it more, they will increase their stats.
I am thinking of implementing an event such as a favorite food system or an escape if food is not given for a certain period of time.
Research is in the same format as the skill tree, and features like being able to unlock new food or new slimes are being considered.

In the “Dungeon Defending” part, it’s virtually automatic.
Enemies invade the dungeon, and the placed slimes and feedees defend the dungeon.
You can get gold by killing enemies. Each time you succeed in defending the dungeon, one day of game time passes.
After a certain amount of game time, the boss will invade the dungeon, and if you defeat it, it becomes a feedee.
when the enemy kills the Cream Slime in the deepest part of the dungeon, the game will be over.
If you killed every enemies attacking your dungeon, you will be succeed.

These are some screenshots of what I’m making

If you want to support this game development, please consider supporting it in patreon.

Progress Updates

Update #1
Update #2
Update #3


Seems like it’s gonna be something between “Eat the Dungeon!” and “Dungeon Cards”.

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Unlike “Eat the Dungeon!” and “Dungeon Cards” which goal is to clear the dungeon,
This game is a defence game whose goal is to defend the dungeon


It sort of reminds me of Dungeon Maker, which would be great cause I liked that one, so having one on PC would be sweet.
I look forward to your work!

thank you… In fact, many of this game’s ideas were inspired by Dungeon Maker.

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Honestly that sounds amazing. I look forward to seeing what you make

sounds interesting, I’ll be glad to see this game when there is a demo (although I rarely do this)

Really like the idea. I hope this project doesn’t disband like many others which also had very good ideas but sadly disbanded because of reasons like not having time, losing the interest or forgetting about it. I’m really looking forward to it!


Love this idea, really wanted a feedee collecting game for a while :slight_smile:

Those slimes or whatever they are are quite cute. I love them

Progress Update:

I have been working in “Dungeon Defending” part for now.
I made basic ememys’ sprites and movements.

The number of enemies varies with difficulty and day.

Now I’m working on the basic battle system about slimes and enemies,
which can take a while, because I do not use any engines for the game.


Daiszi is creating Dungeon of Weight | Patreon
I opened the patreon page.

If you support me in patreon, I’m going to post some spoilers, and post beta version early access in the future.
If you want to support this game development, please consider supporting it in patreon.

Progress Update #2

Honeycam 2022-08-29 15-06-47

The basic system of battling in the “Dungeon Defending” part is done.

when slime faces an enemy, slimes will attack the enemy to prevent it to go to the cream slime.

cream slime can attack too.


the player can deploy a maximum of three slimes at one dungeon tile.


Progress Update #3

Here’s Eri, the first boss and feedee of “Dungeon of Weight.”

Eri is a student at the Verda Academy of Magic and is emerging as a rising star within the academy.

Eri tries to eat as little food as she can and says she doesn’t know why fat people get fat… until she enters the dungeon.

Honeycam 2022-09-01 00-33-12

This is Eri’s pixel sprite.

  • Bosses’ pixel sprites only come out when they chip into the dungeon, and after making it into feedee, only illustration will show.
  • Bosses’ sprites come in 32x32 pixels, unlike regular enemies.

This seems rather cute, hope you haven’t abandoned the project… the progress updates looked promising

I’m still working on this project, but due to the bad situation regarding the main job and other projects (not WGaming related), the work of this project is being carried out only little by little.


No worries, take your time

Progress Update #4

It’s been 4 months since I last posted update, sorry for that.
As I mentioned earlier, the work of this project is being carried out only little by little.

Anyways, these are the current progress of the game’s developent.

Honeycam 2023-01-11 05-23-14
First, the battle system is finished.
The battle system is an automatic semi-turn battle.
If the slime dies, it dosen’t resurrect after battle.

Honeycam 2023-01-11 05-25-18
Secondly, the basic system of a trap is finished.
The one on the screen is an arrow trap, which is the first trap that unlocks while playing the game.

Honeycam 2023-01-11 05-32-09

Currently I’m working on feedee and food system.
The first demo could be out within 1-3 months, maybe.


pretty good work so far. excited to see what could come!

This is the first time I’ve ever actively reached out to someone to offer aid, but this small and simple art-style is exactly the kind of thing I can do.


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