A Small Helping: Text Adventure

Sup, been working on this as a passion project for a while now, finally got it sort of finished although I wanna touch up a few things in the future. Basically a Quest text adventure inspired by Winnie the Pooh. Enjoy and lemme know what you think. Also hopefully this gets more people back into Quest cause I love that shit so much lol.



That was cute! I also miss Quest games; this got me thinking about a game I started and abandoned a few months back. Maybe I’ll get back to it someday soon.

I did get one error message, while deep into the binge at Rebecca’s house.
Full error text:

After six jars you decide to take a breather. Who knew being such a pig would be a workout?
Error running script: Invalid attribute name ‘1’

I’m guessing you introduced a few things that would pay off later if you expand the game. Currently there’s no way to meet up with Christina, is there? And no way to use the key under Rebecca’s table?

Anyway, like I said, this was cute and I had fun. The way you translated the characters to be humans was fun. In particular, the detail of Amy having hairbuns to mimic the bear ears made me think of this gem of a video (NSFW): Adora Bell - Winnie thePooh Grows and Gets Stuck mp4

Looking forward to seeing if you expand on the game!

My only problems with quest games is that for me, browser version will sometimes lock up and when i go to download the game to play, it just won’t download.

I also have issues downloading.

I think it has something to do with chrome or a plugin I use.

I just switch browsers to download quest games now. Firefox works for me.

If you right click the download prompt and choose to save linked content, it should force the download.

Oh yeah for sure. Many a playthrough of Becky’s Binge has been wrecked for me by the website shitting itself lol. Honestly I always thought it was my wi fi but obviously it’s a widespread issue.

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Hey thanks man! Yeah I’ve had a few people tell me about that error message so I’ll check that out ASAP. And yeah the key is for later :wink: (totally a teaser and not just me forgetting to remove it from this version wink wink). Also holy crap I think that video might actually be the inspiration for the buns lollllll. Can’t say for sure cause I wrote those paragraphs like a year ago but I do know I had that vid on my old hard drive. Certified kino.


Well, I certainly enjoyed this. I do hope there will be more to this, some day.

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thanks! I’ll most likely come back to finish up the ending at some point when I’m not busy with school, though I also have some ideas for other games so be on the lookout for that.

Hey man, great game! Keep it up, despite being quite linear it was real fun

will try that game out, my problem with quest games is that they randomly stop working while playing and then I need to start over again, haven´t found a fix for that sadly

If you’re playing them online, it’s the server struggling.

The fix is to download and play on your system


This games pretty great I’d recommend it. I was just wondering if it’s possible to beat it or do you get an game over as like an ending

I do not manage to do more than speak with the other students and pick up the meal plan. How does one progress?

I dont get it, can someone help?

Textadventure crashes all the time, just save regularly and reload the page

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