Fill Me Up (Formally "Untitled renpy feedee game") "January" update now available on Patreon.

Hey everyone. I have finally finished the latest update for “Fill me up”. Life has been extremely unpredictable for me (Some bad stuff and some very good stuff) and has lead to delay after delay. I won’t burdon you with the details, but I took a week of paid leave from work to make sure I could finally get the latest version out.

It can be found on my patreon.

My patreon

I believe I have sent all members from December 20th to January 20th their copy already, but if you believe you did not get sent it in error and are no longer a member, message me and I’ll see if I can’t clear it up.

I will eventually be uploading the latest version on this forum too.


###December Update here###

This is not the latest version.

Mega MAC:

Mega PC:

I also have a page on itch now.
Itch link
Right now the latest verion of the game is available on my patreon along with a poll to decide who the focus of the next update will be.


Premise: If you haven’t already played it. You are Akane, a freshman at university who moves in with two others. You quickly find out one of your roommates has a bad relationship with food and it begins to rub off on you.
How will you handle this situation and can you get to the end of this version with your self control in tact?

You have probably noticed the “art” style has changed.

I’m not sure everyone will agree with choice, but my reasoning is as follows:

  • I was becoming deeply unhappy with the art style and quality between newer and older content.
  • On recently has the technology been available to do this. I know some things will be lost in the process but I can do so much more with this
  • I feel it looks better. Some of the faces of the characters were kind of goofy.

I hope nobody minds too much. Hours and hours of megawat hours went into redoing the images. I probably spend a total of 60 or so hours editing each image.

In the newest update I’ve added:

Several POV scenes where you weigh yourself to see how much you have gained.

New scenes with Kaede at the shrine with several routes to unlock. This can be accessed after stage two where Kaede will invite you to help her out at the shrine on Tuesday and Thursday.

Iroha will now invite you to her house to help her model her latest clothes.

Game Night: On Sunday night, Tsumugi will come around to play an RPG with everyone. This one is still a bit of a work in progress.

And several other scenes here and there to fill the content up.


In the next update: I will be focusing on Akane’s gaining route. I think I manage two more stages.
I have decided to focus on one route at a time rather than spread my attention through several routes with less content.

As a per my usual disclaimer expect some rendering mistakes and stilted dialogue (I am not as conscientious as other developers here but I try.


Only just booting up the game now but it looks really good!

I think you did a great job blending the 3D models with their respective art style. You’re taking something that’s been done on this site and making it your own. Very unique and pulled off really well!!

Can’t wait to see what comes next. Keep at it! :wink:


Trying your game right now!
So far it seem nice and rather well done, but I found some bugs (for now):

  • days seem quite randoms… I never get saturday, only a couple of times sunday, etc…
  • When you find Erika in the kitchen, if you decide to not confront her, the game go back in the moment you first enter the house (with cleaning the bed option again)

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I found a bug, in certain point of the game going to the gym with erika don’t waste time so you have to click on wait constantly to make time go on

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Best VN out there. Keep it up!


Excellent start! Can’t wait to see where it goes.

I think the randomness of the days is triggered when you hang out with Chika, the implication being you got black out drunk and slept for a day.

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gosh i was litteraly my favorite wg game for now. It’s just what i like.
Even if their was a probleme at the point you get burger after the training the time stopped each time i trained as long as i trained i would get stuck at morning and was obligated to tap WAIT.
Overall my favorite game for now liked the image.
Even if (on my own preference) i would have liked to be able to train alone to see her having an hard time training also could be good to be able to loose weight to make the feeder (forgot her name) a bit more agressive.
Also can’t wait for u to put in the school with the score mark getting lower and lower.
Well as i said it was REALLY GOOD can’t wait to see more.
Can’t wait to buy the game!!!
I will follow you a lot (on the dev of the game) .


Great game, however there is some bugs like time not going forward after some activities, and also i kinda miss an option to feed or eat, so you can gain more weight,
The events perhaps should be more freccuent

Anyway i look forward for future updates keep the great work


Given what the game is like so far, mutual gaining would be a great addition to this.

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Really enjoyed what the game has to offer so far, especially the whole role reversal idea. The models are also really nice, and I personally much prefer this kind of style over the typical 3D models people are usually using in their visual novels on this site. I’m excited to see where the game goes in the future.


Very promising, i think it has a lot of potential if it refined and expanded upon more. I especially like the arstyle


This a nice start to a good game i must say though their are clearly bugs that have already been picked up by the others so i will not mention them but still a potentially good game here keep it up

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First off, welcome @bobothesecondtwo. This seems cool it’s unique. The girls’ models look cute and it’s an interesting concept. I know MC feedee doesn’t appeal to me personally, but it is a rarer concept. I’ll be looking forward to some feeder options and pathway for the MC if that happens to get added.

I like the variation you have going into this there’s a good amount of more random things that can happen with the limited options to do during the day and evening, so that is nice to see. Obviously, the game would benefit from having more to do and keeping the variation up within those options would be good in my opinion. I look forward to seeing where you take this, I think you have a good foundation for something here.


This project is a lot better than you give it credit for, I hope to see great things out of this game


The game is good and the idea is funny with a slow burn weight gain at first but the random day are throwing me for a loop it will go from Sunday to Tuesday or something it will just skip the weekend.


Wow, I feel like that was a lot of downloads in a very short amount of time.

I’m glad to hear of the positive feedback. That lets me know there’s a point to continuing developing this game.
There’s a lot of posts here I want to reply to but I’m phone posting right now so I’ll try and sum up without quoting.

Firstly apologies for the bugs. Especially time not jumping when training past stage two. I thought I squashed it, but evidently not.
I’m not sure why some days are skipped. Sunday = 0 and Saturday = 6.
If the day of the week = six when you go to bed, it should go back to 0. Unless I forgot to put that in somewhere. I’ll check it out.

I like the idea of the MC being punished for trying harder at the gym. Having their lifestyle take a toll on everything around them. I will definitely to adding more of that to the feeder route.
Someone mentioned mutual gaining. That’s definitely in the plan too. There is a value in the script that calls for Erika to rebound it you feed her back enough times during stage three.
Lastly I also planned for a pure feeder route that would start early in the game should you be able to control yourself and attend the gym enough without giving in to any temptations.

All these ideas increase the complexity though. I need time to make it work.

Right now I plan to focus on padding out the earlier parts of the game with more stuff to do. Give the MC reasons to partake in certain events to move on to others. Make it more fun to explore the options.
I also want more super rare random events to catch the player off guard.
I should also run some Photoshop magic over some scenes. The club looks nothing like a club, but a dark corner. Which it is.

The models in their current state can get WAY bigger, but I’m in no rush to get that point just yet. Editing the shape key on a model feels hollow without the narrative backing behind it.

If you guys have any more specific ideas, especially one off events or scenes which can be sprinkled throughout the game, please share them.

Did you guys get both dream sequences? I might have made them too rare.

Anyway glad to know you guys liked the game so far. There’s a lot I want to add.


I saw both dream sequences, but it wasn’t until later in the game when they probably shouldn’t have happened. In other words they triggered really late for some reason.

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I figured as much. They were supposed to be rare scenes with a 1 in 30 chance of occurring when you sleep.
The character gains way to fast at the moment to take advantage of that so I’m probably better off having them trigger at a set weight in future


For me I saw the weight swapper once every weight stage. And the Size exchanger only at stage three, twice. However, I was not trying to pick every greedy choice and was trying to explore around options before I knew what content was in the game. It would make more sense for them to probably be static the first trigger and then maybe be a rare repeat if you intended them to be view multiple times. Especially if you plan to have them vary on size or any other factors.