Quick Poll on gain pacing and other preferences

Hey all, working on the basis of a potential weight gain simulator right now and wanted to get some public feedback on what people prefer. I’ll leave the poll choices fairly open ended, but please feel free to add any extra thoughts or comments.

Poll # 1: Gain Pacing - How fast should the player character gain?

  • Realistic - No more than a few pounds per day (even at larger sizes)
  • Slow and steady - Start with a few pounds per day, working your way up to around 10 pound per day maximum.
  • Building up speed - Start with a few pounds per day, but no real upper limits on later gains.
  • Full speed ahead - Rapid gain as soon as the player wants, without any upper bounds.

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Poll #2: Currency - What are your thoughts on money and currency being implemented?

  • I don’t like currency in my weight gain games.
  • I like being able to buy things, but paying for food gets annoying.
  • I like the challenge of needing to pay for food.
  • Paying for rent in a weight gain game is totally cool and not depressing because I can’t afford it IRL.

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Poll #3: How fast should time progress?

  • Day to Day
  • Broken apart by time of day (Morning, Noon, Evening, Night)
  • Hour to Hour
  • 1/2 Hour Increments
  • Week to Week (With player choices influencing the week ahead)
  • Every single second

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Poll # 4: Toggleable Fetishes: What are your thoughts on playing a game that include less-popular fetish toggles?

  • Show me everything! - I want to see all of my toggle options.
  • I’d rather not see - Hide the toggles behind a few menu options.

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The game is going to be heavily inspired by many other games found on this forum and beyond it.

Main inspirations include:

“Abducted Plus+!” A WG(HFY) Story by Somchu and ToshDragonash
Tramp by dingotush
Gain of Life - A weight gain life simulator by SirMister
C’est de la tarte / (A Piece of Cake) by Parvinjaan and translated by dingotush

The game will take some time to build since this is my first time with Twine or even making a game in general. Thoughts, ideas, and comments are all welcome.


Most of these answers kinda change from game to game, especially from genre to genre. Every game is balanced and paced differently, they have different premises, and they’re meant to be played for different stretches of time irl, so unless we know what kind of game we’re talking about, I’m not sure how to honestly answer all of these questions.


then don’t worry about answering them.

No you make a fair point! I added the list of inspirations hoping it would give a general idea of the gameplay I’m hoping for, but I totally forgot to describe what kind of game it was going to be. :joy:

The goal is to make a day to day life simulator, so some questions and responses will be taken with w grain of salt.

The money question for example: it feels like many players don’t like spending money on food, but it would betray the life-sim goal game setting. Something like an automated grocery store event where players buy their food in bulk would keep with the setting of the game, but wouldn’t be as frustrating as picking out every bit of food.

Appreciate your feeback!

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Ah, fair enough. On the subject of money, if it helps, one thing that I think turned off a lot of people from the idea of spending money on food is a specific game, Vale City, which a lot of us have probably played by now. Money is a pain in the ass in that game, so when you ask about spending money in your life sim, I think a lot of us are thinking of that. I definitely was.

I think that even players who voted for that option will be sated if you just make it so money is scarce enough that you have to be mindful of how you spend it, but common enough that you can get something that feels impactful fairly often so you’re not waiting a long time or grinding too much between milestones.


just to throw in my two cents, my preferences on a lot of this really depends on the story being told. If the game doesn’t have much character writing, or I end up finding the characters uninteresting, I prefer the WG to be relatively quick to get my fix asap. But if I’m able to enjoy reading about the characters, I prefer I slower gain. That allows for more chances to run into WG scenarios, which are enhanced by the characters.

That said, I think the important thing here is overall pacing rather than how many pounds per day the character can gain. For example, I think a day-by-day, realistic gain scenario would work well if the days go by quickly. Similarly, a moment-to-moment experience could work well with a faster gaining rate.

My personal overall preference if I had to choose falls under the day-to-day/week-to-week area with a somewhat unrealistic pace (like just above realistic to be believable assuming no magic is involved) assuming I enjoy watching the characters. But again, I think you can make anything work so long as change is steady, and it’s justified by the narrative.