About Eat The Dungeon

:point_right: http://www.bewilderedgames.com/

Eat the Dungeon is a stuffing and weight gain themed simple rpg, where a party of adventures have to eat their way through a food themed dungeon. Along the way they’ll get stuffed, get fat, and fight lots of monsters!

I hope you enjoy it!!!

Here’s some gifs from development:


why does 1 stat change needs for all stats?

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I don’t like price being per-stat because that encourages building wide (all stats roughly equal) than building tall(focus specific stats). In the current scheme, you can build all of the characters in unique, specific ways.


I just want to thank you for this nice little game. tyvm!

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Hey, I played back when the link was first on DeviantArt (I believe I recommended a one-range three-square melee character, not sure if that’s been implemented) and I came to say A: excellent game, it’s a webgame better than some downloadable games, and B: if I had one complaint, it would be these piecemeal updates which add tiny bites of content. I was a bit disappointed, for example, to see that the dialogue was left unfinished–I’d rather have had it left out and then all added in at once later on when all the levels are complete.

From what I remember about this website rules, you cannot ask about updates.

But to respond to your question yes, it is being updated as far as I know. Keep in mind that, like most of the projects here, they’re made as passion projects and as such they’re usually made during someone’s free time while juggling both life and work. So consider that fact, even more when the game is made in such a language or in such a way that doesn’t allow semplification of tasks (e.g. the game made in HTML5 here instead of making it with pre-made sprites in something like GameMaker)