About Fetishmaster

Fetishmaster is a mostly text based game that caters to a variety of fetishes. I say game but really it’s more of a simulation as it has no win or hard lose state. I also use the term simulation because it has the capability to simulate pretty darn granular measurements of things. Many things have some kind of math behind it beyond “boobsize = boobsize+1”

The basic “story” of the game is that you, the player, have died and are stored in a computer as a program of some kind. Some company is going to build you a new body but until that time comes you’re stuck inhabiting the body of paid volunteers. And that’s the game, you have a house and a “proxy” and you can posses this proxy to interact with the world. In this way you can make the proxy do what you want: get pregnant, get fat, have sex, fight (limited at this time) monsters. The proxies aren’t slaves, if you piss them off they will leave. You can also, however hire new proxies to manipulate interact with.

Here is a tentative list of fetishes explored in the base game.

[ul][li]Breast expansion[/li]
[li]light furry[/li]
[li]Should sex be included in the list?[/li]
[li]weight gain[/li]
[li]water inflation[/li]
[li]anime logic[/li]

Mods expand the list of fetishes a bit

[ul][li]Belly stuff[/li]
[li]milk inflation[/li]
[li]more stuffing[/li]
[li]belly/fat talk[/li]
[li]business management[/li]
[li]more futanari [/li]
[li]vulva expansion stuff[/li]
[li]Did i mention the belly stuff?[/li][/ul]

If I’ve missed an item on the list please let me know

you can find more details and the game itself at the main website