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A text game with a fantasy setting with a strong focus on TF and Corruption themes featuring WG elements as well.

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did you get any inspiration from tainted Elysium

Tainted Elysium was started about…2 years-ish before I started my own development but I didn’t hear about TE until about a year ago (give or take a month or two). It’s a shame what happened to it though. I may end up asking the author if I can put a small tribute towards it in my game though so it’ll kind of live on :slight_smile: I liked him a lot and respected him as an author and developer.

As for inspiration, no. My game is actually based off of a world I’m writing a novel about. The novel takes the reader north and the game takes the player west. I am however very jealous of TE’s character viewer thing! >.< I want one!

Just curious. Why do you ask?


Just the website page look a bit like TE and it kinda just said TE for me plus I was into it for a while and nobody makes the model like he had in the bottom corner it was pure originality and genius

Also I was wondering why you don’t upload ur project to textadventures.uk (I think) because then they’d be accessible on other devices such as mobile with apps like puffin or just safari

Ohh, are you talking about the Patreon page? And yeah, his little model character viewer thing was really cool :slight_smile: Very unique, for sure. As for the text adventure upload, I do! :slight_smile: It’s listed as adult though so if you aren’t logged in and verified via date-of-birth that you’re over 18, my game won’t come up on the list/search.


Can u add a link to it with every update u do?

Heyo again!

Usually I do link the Patreon page, the Blog and the game’s Discord :slight_smile: But not in this category. I post it in the “Updates” section. Are you not able to find them or anything?