About the Fat Fortnight 7/2019 category


2nd Annual Fat Fortnight Game Jam!

Starts July 26th 12:00AM MDT (GMT-6) and close on August 9th 11:59PM MDT (GMT-6)

This years rewards

  • 1st - $500
  • 2nd - $200
  • 3rd - $50
  • Community Choice - Hyperdimension Neptunia steam code donated by @avakann!

Theme: In the workplace

We hope that you’ll interpret the theme more broadly than the theme appears at first glance. You could make a game that uses a fast food assembly line as a mechanic, but you could also have a game that simply takes place as an office. Additionally you can be creative about what a workplace can be. A tourist site. A brothel. A mine. A panhandler’s corner. Be creative with how you incorporate the theme into your project.


Wait, define workplace

@BellyBelting it’s meant to be left up to a certain amount of interpretation. So the mechanics or setting or concepts have to involve a workplace. That could be modeling a job, or it could be a story that takes place in a job. Contestants can/should be creative about it

What games were the winners?

We have not yet decided the winners. There are 26 submissions so it will take time to grade them all thoroughly and fairly.

Can i make suggestion here?

I wonder if there can be rule of post at least one screenshot of game in next jam.

I know there are many text games that don’t have graphic. But i think screenshot can show the game briefly and effectively before download. :smiley:


I agree with this :smile:


While I understand the intent, I do not think we will require this. Considering the tight time frame of the Jam and the stress of it; adding a requirement for a screen shot would just add additional undo stress to the participating devs that really provides no benefit to them in terms of scoring. Also, it seems unfair to me if we where to penalize a submission just because they ran out of time to add a screen shot before posting their submission

Thank you for the suggestion though.


While not forced it should at least be encouraged. And also, stress? You would have a whole 2 weeks to press the PrintScreen button and then Ctrl V on your post

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You know that seems innocuous enough, but I was literally posting my screenshots in a panic on Friday night before the deadline. I ended up coming back to edit the post the next day with updated screenshots. So believe me, the stress is real haha.


When deadlines are involved you often have to make sacrifices to get things done on time. We don’t want to force game makers in a jam to devote time to advertising type stuff, over working on the actual game. Taking a screenshot is easy enough, but there is also time needed to figure out what exactly you’re going to screenshot, and framing it properly and making the post about it. I agree that it’s definitely be nice to have screenshots of the game, just as a “here is what you might get” but we’re not going to mandate it

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