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GUTS & GLORY is a tabletop role-playing game. Players take on the roles of brigadiers who hunt exotic food and monsters, to bring back trophies and ingredients and to increase their star ratings in the fantasy world of Salmagundi.

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In a game of G&G, each player gets a character, who is a combination of a kin (human, kobold, cat-person, etc.) and a class (front-line fighter, ranged assault, fearless leader, exotic brewmaster, etc.) In a typical game, one player will also host the same as a Master of Ceremonies (MC), working as an author who presents puzzles and challenges to the players, and as a moderator who presides over the doings of the characters.

Most gaming consists of a hunt, where our heroes hear of a prize monster out in the wilderness. They only have a limited amount of time on the clock before the monster is lost, runs away, is hunted by a different crew, etc. … So be careful! There will be tempting side quests, and you may want to plod slowly and carefully after your quarry … but if you run out the clock, then you lose the day with nothing to show for it!

G&G uses a Powered by the Apocalypse. You roll :game_die::game_die:+modifier and try to roll high. Each class has unique attack moves to do damage to monsters and unique rally moves to buff you and your allies. Choices are simple and direct, with options to make hard bargains to pay a cost to move forwards.

The fantasy world of Salmagundi includes exotic places, flavor towns, spoiled ruins, and bizarre dangers to help you make your own fun adventures! And all featuring color artwork by professional illustrators.

So keep your knives sharp and your plates empty, it’s time for a taste of adventure!


oh huh, so its like D&D almost with some changes, right?

It is a tabletop game centered around knocking out and eating various giant monsters.

POTA games are much less crunchy. There’s a definite combat flow, it’s looser when it comes to mechanics.

can i just be a human

Yes, humans are an option!

Our game is a bit crunchier than some PBTAs, but it’s still designed to be accessible and fast.

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Curses, didn’t see this before the kickstarter ended. Wish it was still active, would love to get one of those commissions.