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Overlord the anime one(name wip) is a detective story based game. The premise of game is a ace attorney type weight gain game. The cast includes all the main characters of Nazrick. Shalltear, aura, albedo, and the pleiades. The game will be a story centered around shalltear helping aura prove her innocence with judge being ainz and the prosecutor and the others as witnesses. With the spin being making wrong claims makes you gain weight and if your right the opponent gains weight.

Will have more on the project soon still in preproduction the new post will talk about funding, art/artist, and what we have so far for everything.
If you wish to help with the funding before the public one do contact me.


And the Player Character is…?

The playable character is shalltear as the detective.

Ace Attorney regular, or Ace Attorney Investigations?

Normal ace attorney style

so Phoenix Wright mixed with the Overlord books and some weight gain?

Yea but the overlord anime.

same thing basically, the anime was based on the books

yea was just clarifying since theirs another overlord series

just to be clear the main character of the series in question is Lord Momonga, the Lich leader of a Grotesque clan called Ainz Oal Gown right? sorry if I spelled any of the names wrong, been a while since I read the book

That is correct he is the judge

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glad I actually remembered that crap, well anyways, Lord Momonga’s favorite game, the game where he WAS Lord Momonga, the game is a VRMMORPG like SAO, anyways, the game was shutting down and he wanted to be there to the end, but something happened when the game was supposed to shut down, he was expecting to be booted off once the game shut down, but instead he got teleported to a strange world where he actually became his character, and the various NPCs in the clan’s castle (would crypt be a better term?) came to life, or at the very least acted as though they were actual people/creatures instead of computer programmed AI
sound about right?

Yep that would be the plot for it

well sorry for rambling about this, I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page about what Overlord we were talking about

lol its fine always good to clarify on what were talking about

yeah, it’d be a bit confusing for people who’ve never heard of Overlord or paid attention to anime in general

Yea ill try to make it more clear