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Tbh never done anything like this before so bear with me.

Super Fatty RPG is, as name suggests, a weight-gain/vore based RPG. It takes place in the bizarre afterlife of “Limbo” where one’s soul persists as neither damned nor redeemed. So basically you can do whatever you want in this wacky hell. Get fat! Eat Gaters! Uncover a secret disco cult! Fight dinosaur clowns! Go full kaiju like you’ve always dreamed of!!! Unfortunately only the demo is available currently so you can only do like…two of those things. But I hope you have fun anyways~

And hey, if you did have fun, I could really appreciate a Ko-Fi or two. Since this is only my first project I don’t plan on monetizing it really. Please consider a donation on Ko-Fi to help give me a little more financial freedom to continue the project.



As some comments come in I feel like I should make this clear. This game is three things:

-for me
-for fun
-to learn code

I love sharing it and I want to make sure it is an experience that can be enjoyed by many. And since I am just now learning how to actually make a game, and teaching myself at that, I certainly rely on feed back to grow. That being said: Don’t expect too much out of this project. Almost all code, writing and assets are being done by me alone when I’m not at my full-time job. And I have bigger project plans outside of this one I’m more focused on really dedicating myself to. This game is basically a test run more than anything. That being said, it has been a lot of fun to do. And I hope you enjoy what I manage to create.

Thank you for checking out the project and, enjoy playing~


So played through the demo until I’ve found myself stuck unable to progress. After raising WC to 10 and talking to the boss about the loan it appears that I can’t really go anywhere else other then the first street with all the buildings. Can’t go through the gate and the road south is blocked by a guy that won’t let me pass even though I’m at the max WC of 10/ Not sure what I’m missing here so some directions on what to do next would be appreciated.

Make sure to talk to Mira again at the club. You’ll get the gate pass for the green building to the right of the club.

Tried that out, but asking “Outside the city?” causes her to reply with “The boss is waiting for you” and ends conversation, and the other dialogue choice doesn’t give me anything either.

Okay I’ve figured it out, it seems that right after I get told about repaying the loan from the boss(aka the first time you talk to the boss after reaching WC 6) I gotta talk to Mira BEFORE I leave the club else I can never get the gate pass.

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This is a really great demo was able to get all the tokens that are possible, but gosh dang was that last one really hard to get.


Any chances in a later update we get to fatten up enemies in battle? And maybe when you give Henriette the Belly Aid, there’s a chance she ends up super obese like how she gets the engorged boobs? Unlike the boobs, this can be permanent, seeing an obese vixen with a huge gut would be amazing!

EDIT: Oh! And even more enemies that can be fattened up to a massive, full belly, just to showcase if a stuffing enemy mechanic gets implemented?

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The mechanic you suggested would be very interesting~ but unfortunatly tbe sheer bulk of sprite work required is more than I can really do right now.

However. There are a few enemies that can change in this way later~

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Managed to fully complete the demo and a few quick thoughts about it that I would like to share. First thing is that I was really blown away by the unique art style of the characters and enemies. I absolutely loved it and it really made it extra unique compared to other games. Secondly there was a lot of content and secrets packed into it and it was a joy discovering them all. Also enjoyed just how big your character can get in just the demo and eagerly waiting to see what new heights(weights?) the player can achieve in the full game and the stuffing texts as well was pretty top notch and loved the variety of it especially with how it changed depending on how full your character was. Now on to more negative observations, the combat is…bare bones. While the encounters where you submit to progress through were fine, the ones where you do actual combat is pretty shallow. It’s just pretty much spamming the basic attack option, and the extra abilities you unlock simply don’t do enough damage. Possibly some extra combat items to use? Also, reaching the higher WC requires some grinding by using the consume option on slimes and small enemies, running from other battles, and waiting until you’re no longer stuffed to repeat the process is pretty boring. Now this could be solved by either adding an extra area where opportunities to increase you’re weight are much higher then the other zones, or by possibly adding accessories that can affect the character in different ways(a ring that increases weight gained, another that increases the rate at which your stomach goes down in battle and in the overworld etc.). Anyways good luck on finishing the game, because I see a lot of potential in this project!

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I’m glad you enjoyed the demo and I thank you very much for the feedback!!!

I’m currently working on expanding some of the combat but to address some of your comments:

While the demo maxes at 35 the available game content is only catered to around 20ish. When you reach this level in later versions more of the world will be open to you and you won’t be grinding in these lower level areas. I just pushed the demo up to 35 to hit the boss and give you access to the second level of vore-ability to play with as a reward~

On this note: the limitations and weakness of your “charisma” abilities are also due to the limitations of the demo. The charisma stat has a lot more planned and can become very powerful…but it starts out slower and smaller than your attack.

Overall though, I will be working on making combat more creative~

And again, thank you for playing and enjoying the demo~

It’s alright. Though, I do hope we can get an Obese Henriette later, possibly permanent too~ Belly Aid + Henriette = Sexiest and Fattest Merchant ever~

Also, with the massive cow, if the player joins her in the feast, can there be side sprites so it looks like their smooshing their enormous bellies close together? And maybe Base Sprites of that so people can put their own character all fattened up with another fatty if possible? If the side sprites for the cow and player be a thing, it would make that part a lot more interesting, since I always find it weird that she disappears and you take her place.

Did somebody say sprite work? If you want, I can handle a sprite for you. Because I’m just doing a plain dumb offer, I’d do it for no charge. I can only do overworld sprites, but I still want to be able to help the community somehow. Give me a holler if you’re interested.

I thank you for the offer! But I’m currently not taking any outside help~

I understand. If you ever change your mind, i’ll be watching. Either way, I’m still rooting for ya, kid.

Cool stuff! I did find a bug where if you’re approached by a Gater-boi and defeat him first but let the slimes fatten you up (and subsequently dying), then you will be vored by the Gater. Despite killing him first.

where is the rift in the boss’s token hint?

spoiler: go to the swamp once you have hit WC 30, explore until you find that weird building that you weren’t strong enough to go into (not the Gater Park or the Troll Hovel thing) and go into it. you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Can you name your main character in game, and how? If not, can you add that feature in the game? I believe it should be simple to implement. Also I suggest you have descriptions for every item in the game in the menu.

I have a question. Not sure if I should be asking here. When the game gets updated, will it be possible to transfer the save data from the demo to the newer version?

Also, Someone mentioned something called Belly Aid, and I’d like to ask where it is located.

Unfortunately saves from the demo are non-transferable. I tried to avoid this but too much needed to be radically updated from the ground up. You won’t have to loose saves again in the future though.

And as for the belly-aid. It’s a random drop from the witch doctor in the swamp. (But you can take it to Henriette after aquiring one to permanently stock her shop with it)