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The bakery is in dire financial straits. Your biggest client has been put on a mandatory company-wide diet by its HR Manager, Chloe. In a desperate attempt to wrangle her own waistline, Chloe has doomed everyone in the building to a sad, sweetless fate.

It’s time to take matters into your own hands. Break the diet. Run up their tab.

Stuff their faces until it is done

A kinky doomclone inspired by retro fps. Fire desserts into a steadily fattening cast of monstrous office workers until you reach the top! Collect new weapons and find hidden secrets to unlock all the office drama between the upper management!

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Just finished the game, couldn’t find the last key so missing out on what I’m assuming is the BFG of the game, besides that this is a neat game, an FPS weight gain game, I think you’ve broke new ground here.

One small critique, for the Kathy fight it would be much less frustrating if her speed was just slightly lower, or if instead of an instant kill she just does tons of damage very quickly, my only deaths on medium were from her cause I didn’t know she could insta-kill, and also the door opening speed is just slow enough that if you get trapped in a hallway with her and both the doors are closed you’re dead.

Other than that, I thought the other boss fights were really good, Jesse was my favorite from a gameplay perspective, Erika was my favorite for the twist after the enemies and mazes, and also the boulder section.

I only found one bug, that matters, when I got to the credits in small screen mode, they were off center so I could only see the left half of them scrolling.

And If I may be so bold as to offer a suggestion, I think it would be neat if you pressed the use key on the immobile bosses you got like a text pop up from them. might be impossible to code in I’m just spitballing ideas I think would be neat.

With this you’ve officially become my favorite game dev on this site, eagerly looking forward to your next project.


I’m glad you loved the project!!! It means a lot to hear this kind of feedback!

The credits bug is known I was gonna do a bug fix soon that should resolve it and some other minor issues! And funny enough, you’re not the first person to suggest the textbox idea. I had seriously considered it, but it would have added more work and we were trying to keep the scope small for this one. The compendium took the place of something like that.

Anyways once again your words mean a lot!!! We’re already looking into some new ideas I hope to continue to deliver~!

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Ah, there it is

The fetish weight gain doom clone

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Where IS the fifth Key?

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Game was pretty fun, bit of a novelty but still fun for what it’s doing with a lot of good sprite work.

Just for the sake of critique, I kind of wished that the donut had slightly more range? I know it’s the melee option but felt like any attempt to use it was nothing short of trading stuffings with enemies, maybe it’s max range would be where you’re just barely able to get Pearl with it potentially. As well kind of wished the batter launcher had more ammo available for it, since the cacodemons are the only thing that drop ammo for it it kind of runs out of ammo and stays out of ammo towards the middle of the game until the last level or 2 I noticed. Game was relatively bug free on my end, though not a bug I did notice after reloading a save that all the weapons were in different slots, like batter was on 1 and donut was on 4 which was odd.

Only real change I’d like to see is where the player, without using level select, can fight all the bosses. So like after beating Jesse or Kathy the player has the option to fight the other one, same with Victoria and Erika.

Anything new I’d like to see added even if they can’t for time/logistical reasons, is really just extra artwork stuff, like maybe some mirrors and full body sprites of Benny and Beth just to show what all this is doing to their figures in full. Same with maybe adding a sprite to them for when the player looks down to just see/watch them get bigger since there’s no real reason to look down in the game other than the absolute final level. As well as maybe some game over splash screens for it, like a generic one for losing on most levels and maybe a unique one for each of the boss levels.

Other than all that I liked this game and wanted more to it after finishing it, was a nice time killer and wouldn’t mind coming back to it from time to time depending on any updates or if I just wanted to play it again.


I had to struggle with finding ways to buy the game, but I was able to do it, and in general, I wasn’t disappointed!

I really like the idea behind Doom + Weight Gain, and the execution itself is very good for a first try! The sprites of the enemies are very high quality, the locations are interesting to explore (and a bunch of labyrinths), and the variety of weapons is amazing, as are the ideas for them! The music deserves a separate award hahaha. I also liked that there is a choice of bosses at the end of some levels, which gives the player choices along the way. It would be cool to see exactly who you’re going to, but that’s a small thing.

Of the minuses:

  • There are enough bugs and even breaking the game. Checkpoints work very strangely, and after death, you have 0 HP left, and opponents respawn. I am curious to know if this is the intention, but the armor remains, so I don’t think so. On one level, I saw a flying tile in the room, but if necessary, I’ll tell you later where it was (I need to remember the level’s name, sorry).
  • There were too many donut boxes. Melee is not convenient to use, especially when there are many flying enemies, and you can softlock until you die at some levels. It would be better if the pistol had more cartridges, or you could throw the donuts themselves.
  • Lacks automatic save, at least after passing the level. Not so much a complaint as a request. After closing the game, I only found out about self-saving and saw that nothing was saved. I don’t mind replaying the game, but it was a bit annoying x)
  • It would be cool to access the levels of other bosses after passing the game. Of course, you can re-pass, but why not add such an opportunity? It would also be cool to see hints about where the rest of the keys are after the passage, but I think it will break the old school’s spirit.
  • I would like to see how the weight of the heroine affects the gameplay. And also to see how she becomes fatter (in addition to her face) :>
  • I want more :frowning:

Otherwise, a very cool project, and I really hope to see a sequel or a new game from you in the future! The idea and game are great but need improvement :slight_smile:


Also, this thread had to be searched through the search. For some reason, I couldn’t find it in Curated Projects. And it seems to me that many people look at projects simply in Projects, but this is my opinion)

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Can you upload this game on Steam?

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I had a ball with this one!! I’ve followed thru your other games and gotta say this one is super impressive and your hard work really shows!! I understand that there were a lotta constraints around this project but I think it turned out wonderfully!! idk if u plan to update this one any more than it is now but I had a great time with it.

There are some like aspects that are slight minuses but it seems like most are like system limitations of some sort i think? Anyway loved the game and Im lookin forward to any future projects!! Personally i got an idea or two from this one alone but yeah congrats on the release!!


The game was hella fun to be honest im still having quite the struggle with all the five keys buuuuuuuuut it was amazing seeing the SFOAS world again i loved playing the whole sfoas and seeing (and fattening) the characters again was simply wonderfull

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Hey there! I’m glad you liked the project! I mostly wanted to chime in to say that I’m very sorry you were experiencing the 0hp bug. It’s something that for some reason, we really can’t track down because it seems wildly inconsistent? (for instance I’ve only gotten it once and cant recreate it no matter what I do) So I need to ask a few questions:

  1. are you on windows? If you are running the game through Wine or using Linux something like that please let me know.
  2. Does this happen EVERY SINGLE TIME without fail? Or just sometimes? If you start a totally new save can you recreate it?
  3. If it doesn’t happen EVERY SINGLE TIME can you possibly try to nail down what you may be doing different that causes it? Like a specific level it happens on? Or did you have any of the golden carrots that give you bonus health? Literally anything you can think of would be helpful.

Like I said, this bug has been exceptionally elusive so if its happening consistently for you the more info you can give the better. I know its in there but I have tried everything in my power to make it happen and it just won’t for me.


enemies respawning is intentional and the flying tile is known but got left in as a joke after a while between us on the dev team.

Sorry I took so long getting back to this I got busy with some other stuff as soon as we finished the project.

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I wanted to answer this one cuz a lot of people have asked: I have no plans to upload to Steam or to move over to Steam in general.

Itch has been a great platform to use and I don’t really have the energy to juggle multiple accounts/uploads lol

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I was recommended SFOAS a good while back and once I finally broke and played it I immediately fell in love with the writing and characters! So when I found out that this had finally come out I knew I had to get it and it definitely didn’t disappoint! Would super recommend for anyone curious to get it!!!

Now time for the review. It was definitely great to see the SFOAS cast again (although we did miss Polly :pensive:) with great new sprites and artwork! The gameplay was pretty smooth although I did run into a couple of bugs. I had seen people talk about the 0 health on respawn and it happened to me a couple of times and healing items didn’t really work either. DO NOT SAVE OR ENTER A NEW LEVEL WITH THE BUG STILL ACTIVE!!! I did this and eventually had to just restart from scratch (I was playing on Hard mode) because you can’t make it past some enemies without taking damage. To fix it I just reset the level if you notice you respawn with the wrong amount of health lol. It’ll usually fix itself the first time. Another bug that was more annoying than the 0 health bug was during the boss fight with Kathy as she would just get stuck and frozen in the running animation and not go anywhere and you would have to manually reset the level yourself. This was definitely frustrating considering she can easily one tap you and you still have to fatten the other enemies on the map. But other than that I didn’t really experience anything too bad that would ruin the entire game for me. The regular enemies were really good also. The Lamia, Mummy, and Francubis were my favorites.

Now as for the boss fights they were all really fucking great! I especially loved Pearl’s and Erika’s mostly because they were funny :joy:. They were all pretty interesting and unique in and of themselves. The only I didn’t get to in my two playthroughs of the game was Stacy. I have to admit I couldn’t find that fifth key to save my life and probably missed it in some really obvious spot that I’m gonna feel fucking ashamed of later if I or someone else figures it out :sob:. The compendium was great reading over some of the notes of the characters. Kathy’s boss fight was probably the hardest one to deal with (not including the bug) but felt super rewarding once I won.

All in all this was a great game and an absolutely lovely expansion on the SFOAS universe. I do wish we had gotten to see and get a boss fight with Polly though and maybe even some unique enemies for her level lol. A way to watch the CG’s after you beat a boss in the menu after you beat them would be cool too but it most certainly isn’t necessary. And this isn’t a jab at the game or anything but personally I just wish we could get so much more cause this is just so fucking amazing :sob:. But yeah man I loved this game and keep up the absolutely amazing work and I can’t wait to see what you plan to do with this universe next! I love all these office girls but…ERIKA AND PEARL ARE BEST GALS AND I’LL DEFEND IT TO MY DEATH LMAO :laughing:.

EDIT: I found the fifth key but I’m not embarrassed tho cause it’s so easy to miss in the chaos lol.


What’s the average runtime for this game?

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Very late reply, but looking at a youtube playthrough, it’s about 45 minutes long.

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This game stopped being fun in the kathy fight honestly.

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Were they the boss that just eats you? It’s a puzzle boss. The trick is to not try to feed it yourself, that won’t work. You’ll instead need to lure the cat to the enemies in the level. Have Kathy eat all of them, and you win.


Is Polly the bee lady in this game too?

No, she is the one SFOAS girl who isn’t in the game.