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The Pirate’s Fate is a/an Visual Novel game.
Embark on a swashbuckling adventure in The Pirate’s Fate, a visual novel experience with a unique twist: the story, the crew, and who you are transform based on your choices. Seek treasure, find love, and choose your fate.

There are many, many WG sequences in the game, as well as 45 romance paths, lots involving characters who have experienced WG. The game has other transformations of all kinds as well.

Currently, the game is on sale at the Humble Store:

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Just finished playing the 3rd path. Kudos for the game design, relatable characters and nice artwork!

So far, Morgana is one of my favorite crew members. Are there plans to expand this game further aside from the current DLC?

This game is Uh-mazing! Its pretty much the best furry game out there, I’d say. And the artwork is phenomenal! (Leo when he becomes trans is my fav)