Above gods, weight gain rpg maker game (New update 1.6.4)

A game i have been working on for a awhile. It takes some inspiration from dnd for its setting and takes place on a weird island in the middle of the sea where anything could happen.
There is some bad ends scenes that can be played out by losing to some of the various bosses in the game but to those who hate losing no worries there are several portals to a bad end viewer where all boss bad ends can be viewed. One is in a cave north of the fort, second is at the back room of a bar and the third can be accessed by talking to the pink haired lady at the end of the current story bit.
------ Above gods 1.6 Alternate end Test quest----- 10/5 - 2022

This update adds a new instance quest in the costal city that can be accessed after obtaining all four party members and then defeating a boss together. I recommend saving at the start of the quest.
-----------Itch io game/download link 1.6.4----------


There doesn’t seem to be much of a story here, just some loosely connected scenarios. I got to the third character and escaped from the underground, and I still had no idea what was going on in the world or why I’m interested. I’d highly recommend developing a more connected plot, or providing the player with more of a narrative to follow. In addition, spelling and grammar errors abound, and capitalization and punctuation are occasional afterthoughts. It’s a good start, but it needs a lot of cleaning and refining.

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I like the game so far. I just started the druid section. I feel like some sort of introduction that could tell us about the world and give an idea of the overall plot would be a big improvement. Also, I didn’t find any weight gain. Is it hidden in the bad ends?

Where is the pink lady?

Yeah i should probably make some kind of intro before everything starts and some kind of introduction before it changes to the perspective of another of the main characters. As for the grammar part got any hints where its super bad? English is not my main language so hints and tips would be helpful.

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After you have made a certain scene happen and you talk to the guard at the wooden palisade on the far part of the beach and he steps aside she appears.

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Yeah its mostly bad ends for now i haven’t really had a proper city to put side stuff and quests in, but im currently working on the beach town where there will be room for some of those.

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I liked the slime bad end! Poor Solna just wanted to give Failure a hug. At least she’ll be taken care of~

Did you do the art yourself? It’s really appealing!

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By the way, I personally wouldn’t worry about fixing typos until later, after you’ve gotten more content in the game. If you end up changing a big part of the game like removing an enemy or changing their dialogue completely, then all the polish you’ve put into that part of the game is gone! Just relax and put stuff in the game as it makes sense, then once everything is nice and settled the players can point out anything that needs tweaking. That’s what I would do~

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Spoiler warning
After being told I need to go north by the lady in the farm, I did and did the puzzles. Last one being the shadow men, but I still don’t know where to go… I probably over looked something but if someone could help me out that’d be appreciated!


Yeah ive done all the bad end sprites myself and most of the outfits for the characters, the template i use for the bodies is the half-kaizer body.


In the cave where the boulder puzzle is theres a branching path after you walk up the stairs going right instead of going towards the boulder puzzle should let you continue.

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So I finally found the time to finish the current build and I had a lot of fun with it, only thing I had a problem with is the story jumped around a bit too much (not too bad, was just a little jarring at first) and that one room full of the shadowy guys was just… aggravating, there’s this one guy that moves way too fast for me to get around him

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The story jumping wont happen to much after the start of the game, i plan to make like a starting thing for each of the four main characters so you get to learn more about them but the once that exists right now arent really fully done.
And yeah the shadow part can be tricky remember too use shift to dash, and to try different paths…

Thanks for this, I got stuck too, and I had totally forgotten that path existed.

spoiler kinda
I’m having a bit of trouble. After punching Dr. Handerman she runs off but where does she go? and I can’t get past the second gate.

Hey, this is really well made! I had a ton of fun trying out the current build. of course minor improvements could be made here and there but it’s great overall. Keep it up

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Typos were a minor complaint, my biggest issues were how stark the difficulty and grinding curves felt. Encounter rates are incredibly high, the bosses hit very hard, and the first thing you do as a seeker is a fetch quest in a tiny area. I like the potential but the game itself seems a bit of a slog.

how i can enter the moon festival?

I assumed it’s not in the current patch

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What boss did you have the most trouble with and any certain place where you thought the monster spawns where to high?