Abusing Noone's game mechanics for the worst reasons imagineable

So apparently, And I know this is a completely useless fun fact, if you play Noone’s RPG, and use the cheat menu to set ALL stats, including health an capacity, It’s Impossible to increase ANY stat. BUT, if you set health to 2, you can actually do so. Apparently, the smallest potion actually fills you up by 1. In addition, the game works with decimal numbers. keeping these two things in mind, I’ve managed to level up a character. The hard part is that because your health is a max of 2 now, you can only exceed capacity by 115%. any higher, and the game will try to reduce your health by 51% or higher, and that rounds up to all your hp. If anybody wants to give this a try, then go ahead. I did, and trust me when I say it’s tedious. I actually would like to see if anyone does so, and If you do, tell me. I’ll consider gifting something in exchange

Apparently it is possible to do it with all 1’s. Just hunt for stretchy fruit, and for some reason, being full with stretchy fruit increases max fullness. by proxy, that means you can eventually kill slimes, and eventually level enough to raise your health. That’s pretty neat.



Now what is Noone’s RPG? XD

It’s also called “Fatty Text Adventure Game”, or even FTAG, but most people I know call it that. If you are still unsure, here’s a link to it.

Also the game’s piss-easy to edit in save editors like Minerva, so you can make your own food, or do goofy things like editing in a bike pump or whatever.

? I was able to set all stats to 5000 so what is this about having to set health to 2

Errornulll is suggesting a challenge, basically.

I had a lot of fun with that game. I’m not much of a fan of furry content, but I did like that towards the end he did give us the capability of creating custom races for the character, including Human.

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