[Accepted] Immobility & Slime Monster

  1. Here’s the idea. It depends on your weight and your strength. When your weight goes past the threshold, you will be immobilized and no longer be able to move. 5 buttons become 2 buttons, where you can ‘Call for help!’ or ‘Rest’. You can rest, but may be interrupted if an event occurs. If you ‘Call for help!’ you will either attract somebody to help, or someone else to finish you off. (or maybe to force-feed you.)
  2. Slimes are enemies that can force-feed you in a combat. there maybe an option to ‘Submit’ to them if you want to vore them. The flavor you taste depends on the calories. (Ex. Lemon Slime = 1000 calories, Blueberries = 2500 calories, etc. These stats are suggested, if the creator accepts this idea, the creator decides the calories given to the player.)

This idea seems to be taken straight from Boundless. I would be against adding this because there’s already a penalty for being overweight in the form of wait time between attacks in combat and I think adding more penalties would be too inconvenient. I understand that immobility is a big kink for a lot of people so perhaps I could create events around that kink, though I don’t want to restrict gameplay any more for those who choose to keep their character at heavier weights.

Instead of just being mobile and being a bloblike player, why not add an option for immobility, like if they are bored, they could increase the difficulty of the game? I’m still waiting for a reply on slime monsters.
(I won’t be able to respond as I live in a time zone of PST.)

Slime monsters I’m ok with adding.

If I added immobility outside of combat it would need to be a setting you could toggle on or off. It works well in Boundless since you can modify your body with mechanical legs and stuff to stay mobile, but that wouldn’t match my game’s setting. So if you were rescued you’d just be transported to your bed and then you’d still be immobile so you’d become bedridden. It’s basically like game over at that point unless you have ways to lose weight, so that’s why I would need to make it a setting only for those who enjoy immobility otherwise it would be really restricting to the average user.

I applaud you. Thank you for accepting this.

It seems as though something like a slime monster ought to be immune to immobilization as it gets larger, unlike a humanoid or other animal with legs. So my idea is, if you do reach immobility, instead of having the slimes force-feed you, you get the option to ride it if it’s large enough. But have to keep feeding it so it continues to grow so it can continue to support your own increasing weight. Maybe it eats the bodies of defeated enemies? Maybe it feeds directly on magic/magic items?

Of course the whole thing is kind of a silly idea, like a fantasy themed mobility scooter :wink: And even then, probably wouldn’t be thematically suitable outside of combat and the dungeon. But the thought made me chuckle, when that mental image popped into my mind, so I thought I’d share. :slight_smile:

I don’t see how in anyway you could tame it to help you move when mobility is beyond your reach. Don’t know how this will tweak this feature, and we already know that slimes can move unburdened by weight.

I like the idea of taming monsters of any kind as that for me is always fun mechanic. Though I think in this case it would be a little dificult to program

I think you could add a random event where player encounters another adventurer who went into tower but became too fat to move. Players could take advantage of adventurer’s immobility and rob or force feed them or help them (give a weight loss potion, cast weight loss spell etc.).

This has been already accepted, how will the creator notice this?

Well, Cryptic is going to log in, and with some luck she’ll see this thread while browsing?

A multiplayer feature may be avaible in the future, but I think your suggestion is too complex. But the interactions idea sounds interesting.

I think being able to tame monsters would take off of their uniqueness, but pets could be a nice compromise in my opinion, being able to help you in battle. Could be a thing with the (future) party feature.

An immobility ending would make sense.
When someone saves you from the tower after being immobilized the character that helps you will give you a choice.
Either they work on a way to help you lose enough weight to be able to walk again (Fairies could work) or they set you up with
someone to take care of your needs for you (Essentially a feeder/caretaker).
If you pick the latter option you just get a text screen with a game over describing what the rest of your immobile life is like.

As for your caretaker you could have it be a generic character unless you have high relationship points with someone else.
This would change the ending drastically. Just imagine what it’d be like if the character that takes care of you is Seraphine.
At least we know she’d be happy.