Adult Website Tycoon

This is a rather interesting little online management game I came across last week. Whilst it’s technically multiplayer, interactions between users are non-essential for gameplay to progress, and the uerbase seems nice so far. The dev, Colin, updates on a fairly regular basis, and seems quite open to suggestions for improvement and expansion to the game.

As for relevancy to this forum: it is possible to modify the NPCs one comes into contact with, in general assets, as well as overall weight, with approprate categories of productions included to take advantage of this.

If you’ve got a few minutes free, check it out:


Hi, Colin here :slight_smile:

I saw some traffic coming from this site and found this post. Let me sum up all the weight related features:

  • NPC’s have lengths and weights (displayed as imperial/metric based on your setting)
  • These stats are geographically correct (eg. girls from Asia tend to be smaller)
  • 11 bodyshapes (From anorexic to morbide obese)
  • You can use weight gain shakes on NPC’s. Best results are made if the NPC is currently anorexic or thin.
  • You can let NPC’s have a workout to lose weight
  • You can visit a professional trainer and get a weight gain, weight loss, or crossfit session (and possibly achieve the athletic physique trait, one of the traits required for the Fitgirl tag)
  • You can become a professional trainer, and get appointments from users who send their NPC’s to your clinic
  • NPC’s can get an eating disorder if they are unhappy. They’ll gain weight every night if you don’t solve this disorder (by making them happy again)
  • All NPC’s have bodypart images: Ass, breasts, face, and more. Based on their weight, these images will change, based on their bodyshape.
  • Fat grafting surgery: Move body fat to a girl’s ass for a higher ass stat.

If you have questions about the game let me know!


Hmmmm, Methinks I’ll check this one out.

Hmmm, wait, the girl’s profile menu… Have I seen it somewhere on here before?

now just the finding the locations to buy the stuff and appointments and leveling up.

The major cities are the best places to find things, Tokyo’s got one of every clinic, for example.

Ooohh, and you buy modifiers on the web pages.
aaaand off to tokyo i guess.

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