Adventurers of Bella Ventus: An Expansive Sourcebook for 5E

Adventurers of Bella Ventus is a 5E sourcebook featuring several unique races and subclasses from the land of Bella Ventus. From the stoic granwool tribe, to the mysterious deadfauna, a number of newly presented character options can spice up the gallery of adventures for any player. And when you’re ready for a fight, try out our new subclasses—featuring a variety of expansive attacks and abilities using the Red Deer Studio rules for fatness and inflation levels.

Contained within this 28-page collection of character options, you’ll find new subclasses for barbarian, cleric, fighter, monk, and warlock in addition to five original races unique to the Bella Ventus campaign setting. This sourcebook also includes a brief overview of setting information as it relates to each of the featured races.

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