Ahem, NNN anyone?

So do you guys are going for this challenge or not?
Because I started and would like to know if someone is making it through too.

Btw feeling like picrelated

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Why would you do this?
Why would you post this on a site dedicated to cooming?


Why would I? Because I wanted to try. About the right place to post, I don’t feel like it’s prohibited to do so here.

Three words. Ace of Spades. do NNN 24/7

I speedran the fail cause I honestly don’t like NNN


I have never understood this nonsense, or really anything that just amounts to denying yourself something for no real reason.


NNN is explicitly bad for men, we’re not built to go a whole month without nutting.

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Stay strong Brother, we are in this together!

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Its more of a willpower thing. Like to prove to yourself that you can put mind over matter.

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Not to mention its fun to shit on your friends that fail it.

I mean I always thought of No Nut November as a meme and only a meme, not ever something to actually go through with