Ahoro on pixiv is making a stuffing/vore weight gain game

so uh, as the title says yeah, Ahoro is making a game

pixiv link: k-Shinob - pixiv

itch link: Body /Belly Inflation RPG by ShinobArho


Ah, that artist! I look forward to seeing what they make!

from what I can tell right now as the Ci-en link has the information, seems to have 4 male party members, 4 female allies and 4 enemy females…and there is a ryona tag, so might see some bursting knowing their other works

I completely forgot this existed but as of now allegedly the full version may be out or about to be out for those that payed for services according to the Ci-en information for those that are still interested

Unfortunately, the age gate isn’t letting me access the site through Google Translate (Just keeps reloading the age gate every time I click yes) so I can’t actually read any information about the game or how to download it through the link above.

first time I had to access the site I just rapidly clicked yes and it forced me in after a few tries on reload lol

Inquiry site doesn’t work with google translate either, so I can’t read what the choices are under “Inquiry Type (お問い合わせの種類)”

You should choose the top “サービスのご利用に関する質問”
(“inquiries about services” ).
You can ask them in English. They understand.

So I’m trying to read this right, but is the game released but it’s on a paywall?

So I went ahead and bought the game. On Ci-en you have to buy previous months and can’t just subscribe and get everything. So I just bought 2021 nov at the 700 yen tier. That got me the game, and the post with the map fix.

Let me just say it was definitely one of the best games I’ve played on this site. The biggest thing being there was just a ton of art and scenes. Combat was very easy and just got right to the fetish content if that’s how you wanted to go. Also covers a wide variety of interests and you can just ignore the ones that aren’t for you. Not into vore? You can just not use the eat people ability, there are multiple ways to end encounters.

Biggest downside being it’s not in English. Though I don’t know if it was just how it was written but translator++ did a pretty good job, the machine translation wasn’t the worst thing I’ve had to read and did a good job telling the story and what you were supposed to do. Unfortunately (probably due to just user error on my part) after running it through the translator a bunch of the chests broke (seemed to be the ones with money in them) and would crash your game if you opened them so had to save often. Nothing game breaking so far but inconvenient none the less. Also a good portion of the inn scene’s broke which is where all the juicy bits are. Had to just copy my save into an untranslated version and go to the inns there. Not ideal but a pretty easy work around. And finally a lot of the scene’s didn’t get translated especially stuff that happened in combat.

Despite all that was absolutely worth it, but it would definitely benefit from someone more experienced with translator++ and familiar with Japanese to more properly translate it.


Hey there! Translator++ broke my game a couple of times before I could actually play it, but I managed to fix it by leaving the scripts untranslated and it works just fine now. I haven’t had any problems with the chests and the inn scenes so far, although there’s a lot of content that I have yet to see. Not sure if that could be related to your problem but I guess it’s worth a shot.

Hey if possible could someone possibly post a translated version. Sorry if this is asking too much but translator ++ keeps breaking the game for me

Hey there, I don’t know if I could post it (since this is a paid game), but if you’re translating the scripts the game will break, so you might wanna leave those untranslated. Not sure if this is the issue you’re facing tho.

Yes since it is not a free version available to the public, posting the paid version of the game would break the post only your own stuff rule.

Hello! What should I do to buy the previous months on Ci-en? From what I saw I could only buy the current month.

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Is there any way to still get the game? It doesn’t seem to let me buy any of the previous months.

For someone get trouble in Ci-en,you can get the game in another website
takes 1200JPY
(tips: use discount can be cheaper)


Thanks! That’s very helpful.

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man, completely forgot this topic till I tried to find Ahoro again and couldn’t find them, turns out they changed their name and what kind of art they post sometime between march and august last year

I saw their DL still shows the game in it’s full release state so I am updating the top post to reflect that

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