AI Art

Hi y’all,

I’d really like to add art to games I’m working on. I can’t draw for shit and can’t really afford real art so I was thinking of making some AI art at least as a placeholder. I know some places and servers have been banning it so I was wondering if its allowed on here. Anyone know?


The following is a screenshot from the offical WG fourms discord from a MUCH larger discussion about this exact topic earlier today.

Kilif is an admin on the server, and Im fairly certain also an admin here. Obviously the opinion of one admin isn’t a ruling per se, but no other admins stepped in to outright contradict him. I think its safe for you to post about it, and post the complete game when the time comes.


One of the Gain Jam entries (that died for unrelated reasons) used AI art for backgrounds, and they didn’t get in any trouble for it.

You will not be banned for using AI generated art in your game.


AI art in a game is not bad it is a tool and if it is used right it is fine but if it is use to copy other people art and style that when it gets bad.


Neat, thanks for letting me know y’all