Airo University (Bug patch just released!)

Have you used the scale?

it dosent work for me either
i can lose weight but i cant gain it
and ive also tried the jobs both writer and coder and both of em comes up with an error
and when i look in the mirror another error comes up

Curious. Everything works for me.
You game version is 1.0 and you downloaded the, opened it and replaced the script.rpy included with the one from in the /game folder?

Yes. That is exactly what I did.

Did you start a new game? Some base variables that only get set on start were changed.

Is there any negative effects to having your fullness to high? Or is it the greater the fullness the more they gain?

Higher fullness increases weight gain. Ending the day with more than 110% fullness adds 3 stress. Being over 6 stress reduces weight gained on that day.

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Ah ok perfect thank you for the info.

Also is there any way to make certain parts of yourself bigger like if i wanted to make them pear shape?

Butt should grow along with belly, but somewhat slower(?), and there’s a random event on day end that is the redistribution medicine, allegedly to change belly to breasts+butt. Don’t know if that one works though.

Did I miss read or is there a way to stuff yourself in front of the computer? If so how do you trigger that ?

  1. Enter the dark web
  2. Get hacked
  3. Raise affection with the hacker by 200
  4. Talk with him so he confesses twice
  5. Stuffing is unlocked in his interactions.

The other two people have similar mechanics, in that they require interaction to raise affection to unlock content.

Ok cool are there any more special interactions with anyone else?

Museum has something with the guy from the coffee shop. I didn’t care about that, so I don’t know what it was.
Fey let’s you feed her.

Ah ok so it looks like I may have got all the content in the game right now. Only thing I guess to do is try to get myself as big as possible.

Hello Everyone

This is The_Geo, the original creator of the project. I’m sure you all have a few questions, so I’ll try to answer them the best I can.
The first obvious one is why aren’t you on the original account. That account is gone, I can’t get back into it. It was set up with a burner email address so password recovery isn’t possible. The same is true for the Itch.Io account.
The second is why did you abandon the project. Tl;Dr: This project was started at a bit of a rough patch in my life causing me to have to abandon it.
When I started creating Airo University my A-level exams were in about 4 months (Yeah I’m British). I originally created Airo as a way to de-stress but as I continued development it began to dawn on me that this was almost like having a job. I was constantly working on the game and it began to get in the way of studies. I began to panic as I wasn’t sure what to do as I was determined to perform well in my exams. so I came up with a solution. Cease development on the game. I didn’t want to do this, and I knew I would inevitably come back to the project because I was still passionate for it. So to ensure that didn’t happen, I removed Ren’py from my computer and deleted any information about how to access the accounts. I didn’t remove this thread as I knew some people were still playing it and didn’t want to take that away.
It may surprise you all to know that I have been following this thread still. I come back every few weeks and are amazed people are still playing this terrible game that I made just for fun. It’s inspired me to attempt to continue game development again. There’s just a slight problem.
I did pass my A-Levels (Yay) but now I’m in university. so there’s still more real world work I have to do. Fortunately I am studying Computer Science, so it’s not like I’ll be going out of my way to code. But I won’t be able to work on this project full time. So I was hoping to possibly ask for help.
Seeing as everyone here seems to still hold at least some interest in this project I’m hoping that I might be able to get some assistance in certain areas. I can still code the project fully no problem (unless you’d like to assist with that), what I need is a few people to possibly help with bug testing releases (as there always seem to be bugs), and if I get really lucky, possibly an artist (for now I cannot pay it would purely be out of interest for the project if circumstances change I will update). Additionally, any future ideas for the project would be greatly appreciated. New characters, interactions, mechanics anything that I can use to help develop the project would be super helpful.
If I can’t get any assistance that’s fine, I’m simply amazed people are still talking about this and that’s enough to make me want to continue development. I can’t update very fast but I can at least attempt to work on this in my own time. I’ll create a new thread for the continued development of the project soon.
I know most of you probably don’t see any reason to believe that I really am The_Geo, but I promise you that I am. I never even thought I would be back here, but the interest in the project 7 months later has just made me want to return and continue work. I can’t offer you any proof (literally I can’t everything is gone) so you’ll just have to take my word for it and if you can’t that’s totally fine, I don’t blame you.
Finally, thank you to everyone who still shows at least some interest to this project. I genuinely do appreciate every one of you still showing interest to this absolute trainwreck, and I hope the future of this project is bright.


Thank you for remembering this project. It always had a lot of potential and, from what I remember, the descriptions were so good it allowed the game to be enticing even without any character portraits.

As for the new account, don’t bother yourself too much whether people will believe you. I see no malicious reason why someone other than the creator would take over the project. Besides, your story fits the silence on this thread and the obvious Britishness of the original game. The likes you got mean a good few of us believe you.

If you start a new thread, would you mind posting the link here?

BTW, congratulations on your A levels and I hope you have a great time on your first year at uni. I just graduated and it was a lovely experience except the final year which was murder :sob:

Sure thing, hopefully this link works I’m not used to linking stuff on here:

Airo University (Redevelopment started: What’s to come) - Projects - Weight Gaming

I’m surprised people think the descriptions are good. I’ve never really been the best at English. In fact coming up with descriptions and stories is where the majority of my time goes, I can do the coding quite quickly, but describing something is difficult for me.


so there is no art for other people and i cant gain weight also i get an error when i try to look in the mirror

How do you raise your relationship with fey, I have been trying everything to raise it but she still wont talk to me about whats wrong