Alcoholic Massacre

The basic idea is that the protagonist would be an alcohol wizard/witch that aims to fight a plague affecting its home region, and later discovers that the faction responsible for the plague must be defeated if the epidemic is to subside.

Character creation:

  • Both genders have the same range of body types available to them
  • The slimmest body type available would be approximately as fat as the fattest women of SWTOR or Elyon, whichever is fatter

Alcohol magic:

  • Your spellbook, in the late game, will include the following, in order it is learned:
  • A single-target burst spell (cocktail)
  • A single-target DoT (shooter)
  • A cleanse and a heal (rubbing alcohol)
  • A Conal cleave (moonshine)
  • An AOE DoT, which also spreads the single-target DoT (alcoholic cloud)
  • A channeled AOE burst (open bar)
  • A way to reduce your alcohol blood content (gastric pumping; your only non-alcoholic spell you will ever gain)

You may also use alcohol magic for cooking, which is one of your crafting professions. Also intelligence is not a stat of the game (because your character doesn’t get smarter at the pace you grow in power), but your primary magic stat is then called power. However, alcohol magic has its own side effects for both you and your enemies, and the alcohol blood content (BC) is a core mechanic of the game:

  • Each alcohol spell you cast affects your BC, as well as your targets’ BC, based on their alcohol resistance
  • The higher your BC, the more powerful your spells are, but, in turn, their accuracy diminishes accordingly
  • If your BC is higher than a certain value, you start getting debuffs that makes you more vulnerable; the same holds true of your enemies as well, provided they’re organic
  • Debuffs range from impaired vision to impaired movement, and you can also vomit or black out
  • Your BC decays over time, and your enemies’ as well, if you either stop casting alcohol spells or the enemies stop getting hit with alcohol spells respectively, but you get shaky, you also get hallucinations for a while if your peak BC was above a certain point (the delirium tremens) and your enemies as well; on the other hand, your Mana Regen goes up while in DT

Note: no weight gain will be available.

For the long run, you get stronger as an alcohol wizard, but at the price of struggling with alcoholism and liver diseases, with debuffs consistent with cirrhosis symptoms.