Almost done with Skyrim modding but need help.

Hello I’m posting this to keep the thread fresh, and show progress of my problem being solved.
So, if by any chance you may give the last push so the games works I would really appreciate it.

I’m trying to download the Winterrweight mod for Skyrim. Im taking step by step so this works correctly.

I have dowgraded Skyrim to version 1.6.640 and in game its says I have SKSE Version 2.2.3

My first question is that the Mod ask for the install of JCONTAINERS SE but I do not know which one to install?

List of Mods where I can Start the game and no issue seems to appear.


The mods I haven’t fully implemented because sometimes they brought an issue where.

PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility Functionsche


JContainers SEchevron_ri

Papyrus BodySlide Preset Readerchevron_right

If needed you can ask for the error messages.
Or feel free to say which mod ver. I gotta download.

If you scroll further down the page, most modders keep their old versions of their mods. If you downgraded your game to 1.6.640 you should probably just find the one that corresponds with that. I can see by just taking a quick look that he has a version from October 7th 2022 that says it works with SKSE 2.2.2 and Skyrim 1.6.640. My guess is that that is the version you are looking for and the version I used when I played with Winterweight 6 months ago, but I don’t remember. Maybe you should also get SKSE 2.2.2 instead of 2.2.3, but it might work anyways.

Oh, and do not download the Papyrus Body Slide Reader, because this doesn’t work. All this means is that you cannot import a certain body type for the fat character you are trying to create (which I wouldn’t even know where to download such a blueprint anyway). You just play around with it manually in-game inside the Winterweight mod tab instead.

I just took a few minutes and looked it through. It is probably these ones you want and just ignore the Papyrus Body Slide thing.

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Thanks man it seems to have worked cause the no pop ups appeared, also do u know where I could download the SKSE 2.2.2 version?

Is there any things I should do inside the winter weight menu?
nothing really seems to be changing, at least for the male models; Do I need to add a morph or something like that?

Also when I started the race menu really wasn’t there at all only like vanilla customization?

By default the mod is not enabled, you should go to its MCM menu tab and enabled it. Make sure that you have CBBE 3BA and HIMBO mods, as the mod uses the sliders of those mods but also you can load any bodyslide preset as the “fat body” the characters will morph when gaining weight. You must also have costumes that have been converted to use said sliders from the preset.

And, Winterweight has its own map normals, they can bug sometimes when characters gain weight so if that happens is recommended to disable it (in the winterweight mod tab).

OK I suppose to use this for the women:
CBBE 3BA (3BBB) at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (

for the men do you have any recom of any HIMBO mods? The guide im kinda following said its used the SAM Light SE but its been kinda wiped and left to rot prolly.

I heard the devourment refractor has male bodies that kinda work well.

this the guide im following btw (or at least trying)

Rad’s/Zigan’s Skyrim AE Mod list with Notes - Documentos de Google

To explain a little,both Winterweight and Devourment Refactor AE are done by the same person. In fact Winterweight war more like an add-on for Devourment but you can use it standalone (Originally it used Weightmorphs but that’s very outdated and is far better to use Winterweight).

Reading the guide , it doesn’t tell that much that you need the requirements for those mods. For Winterweight you also need body mods , such as CBBE and HIMBO, because it works by: when the characters eats, it gains weight and the body will slowly"change" into the preset you choose, which you can configure in its menu to whatever you want. Winterweight uses by default CBBE 3BA and HIMBO and Devourment AE has a file for all vanilla and some CC outfits already converted to use the default sliders for Winterweight, but you can use other converted outfits by other people (your guide has a link to all public conversions done by others), but as i said, you can use any other body mods , however, you have to create your own conversions (and that is very tricky and complex without a lot of try and error and knowledge on how to use Bodyslide and Outfit studio).

Outside of Winterweight´s requirements listed on the page , you need:

  • CBBE
  • CBBE 3BA
  • FSMP-Faster HDT SMP
  • XP32-Maximum skeleton special extended
  • FNIS - Fores New idles
  • Trivu’s Vanilla Outfit Conversions (From devourment AE page, this is the file with all vanilla outfits converted and ready to be used with Winterweight)

Also , don’t use ConsoleUtilSSE as its outdated, you need to use the “NG” version . It does the same and has been updated.

After everything is installed correctly (copied from the instructions from the installation for Devourment but also applies here):

  • Open the “Dashboard” tab on Vortex, scroll down to Tools and run “Fores New Idles in Skyrim.” Click “Update FNIS Behaviour” and allow the tool to run, closing it when finished.
  • In the same Tools section, open BodySlide, click the magnifying glass on the second drop-down menu and click “Choose groups…”
    tick DV CBBE 3BA - Female Vore Morphs (Trivu) and DV HIMBO - Male Vore Morphs (Trivu) then click OK. Tick “Build Morphs” in the bottom left corner, click “Batch Build” then hit Build. Once it’s done, exit BodySlide.

Then, in-game , open the mod tab and in Winterweight tab and enabled it. For HIMBO you’ll need to create a preset in bodyslide and choose “load bodyslide preset” in the male morphs tab., but for Female characters you don’t need to change it unless you want to use another preset. I don’t know too much about HIMBO mods since i don’t use it, sry.

If nothing works , then i don’t know and i’m sorry if i’m couldn’t provide enough help. If you ask the developer, he won’t answer because he is both busy updating Devourment (since it broke with the latest updates and is adding more functions to it) and doesn’t provide support to older versions of the game.

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First of all, thanks for taking out of ure time to help a valuable soul in need! :slight_smile:

Yeah I think I got to work, but I hope I can still ask u some stuff because the actual server for the mod is kinda loaded and it is people that do it out of their free time so I’m not gonna be an ahole about it.

Yeah I actually downloaded like a big mod package that had almost everything installed (no SOS). I’ll read ure text really carefully to see anything I’ve missed. :heart:

I just typed real quick to say thanks!

How do I make a bodyslide preset to add and load on the male body morphs in the winter weight?
is it possible u can show screen shots?

the thing that happens is that whenever my character uses vore its belly does grow, but when i take off my clothes the belly disappears.
some screenshots for info

In bodyslide , you need to create your own slide preset, is quite simple. Just mess around with the sliders to get the shape you want and to see the result, press preview and a window will appear to show how it will look with the current sliders you changed. For example, i just increased one slider to max and open preview and the shape of the body will look like this, try creating the shape you want first.

After you’re done, press “Save as…” and this window will open, give a name to the preset you created and chose in what outfits groups will appear. Then press save.
In-game, open the Winterweight tab and on the male morphs in this case click on load bodyslide preset and another window will appear with the presets you have, click on the one created and exit. If everything went well, you’ll see the sliders of the preset you created appearing on the screen.

After adding the preset:

For the second issue, is very likely that you didn’t build the morphs for the nude body. Check the DV HIMBO! Nude on bodyslide, have all sliders to zero , tick the “build morphs” option and then build.

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thanks I think most of the mod works now! I might tinker with different morphs, because at one point i think i made a decent morph but for some reason its started at max weight? but anyways thanks for helping a lot! :slight_smile:

Hey lastly, (like yeah last one) how would I go installing the mod for more customization for my character this one:

As long as that mod can use the same body like the one needed for Winterweight, then you shouldn’t have any problem. I think that mod should work without issues, but i noticed that it requires USSEP, and you may need a version of USSEP that matches your version of Skyrim (However, in the files the BeastHHBB mod has a version that overwrites the main file in case you don’t want USSEP).

For the other comment you wrote, you probably build the bodies with the preset you created, so every character will appear already fat (but with Winterweight, they’ll be even fatter, so, no big deal). If you want to change it, go to bodyslide and batch build all outfits but with all sliders set to Zero and remember to always tick the “build morphs” option so they can be affected by WinterWeight and racemenu.